For years, teleconferences have been a simple means of remote communication, not only for professional but also private purposes, and with the development of technology, we are seeing more and more convenient solutions on the market.


Remote video calls

Video conferences are audio-visual connections involving two or more entities. They are very similar to webinars, but with a few important differences.

Firstly, video conferencing enables communication on the part of every participant in the conversation. Webinars are rather one-sided. In their case, it is the host who conducts the webinar, and its participants enter into a dialogue with it at a certain time and in a certain way. Video conferencing is a rather classic exchange of information between each party.

Secondly, video conferencing and webinars require slightly different tools. While joining a video conference is possible with every communicator with a video call option, to organize a webinar you will need a virtual room and special options enabling a specific form of dialogue with the recipients, e.g. polls or live chat.


How to organize a professional video conference?

Video conferencing can be a comfortable and easy way to conduct business meetings. However, when organizing them, one should bear in mind several important aspects.


Choosing the right tool

Both technical and ethical issues are important here. Imagine you want to do a video conference with a serious business client. Will you do it on the facebook platform? Rather doubtful. It would not be a professional move.

However, even if we narrow the range of applications that enable video conferencing, we have a lot of tools to choose from.

The most popular of them are::

Some platforms offer a free service, while others require a subscription.

Each of them is unique in its own way and will work in different cases, depending on number of participants, or whether we need any additional, advanced features.


Professional equipment

Which are a camera, but above all a microphone, which will enable us to send high-quality images and sound to our recipients.

In the organization, it is worth investing in good equipment that will enable our recipients to receive sound and image in good quality. This will affect not only the quality of the conversation, but also our professional image.


Business background arrangement

If you have your own office, with a suitable room for business meetings, it will be the perfect place to arrange a videoconference. However, if you work remotely and you do not have a separate office at home, do not carry your laptop to the living room. A better solution would be to rent a business room for an hour or two, depending on how long your meeting takes.

Business rooms are not only designed for physical meetings, but also to ensure a professional image when conducting video conferences or webinars.

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Business meetings in comfortable conditions

Video conferencing is a convenient solution for a long distance business meeting. We do not have to limit ourselves with access and a tight schedule or budget that does not allow for a long business trip.

Video conferencing is a solution that every entrepreneur should use, because they allow not only convenient conversations, but also connecting with people anywhere in the world.

And how do you prepare for video conferencing? Do you have your own advice on how to conduct a professional online meeting? And what tools do you most often use?