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Virtual Assistant Wrocław

Do you want to develop your company, but your current duties take up too much time? Hand them over to an experienced and competent virtual assistant. Thanks to such support, you will be able to implement important activities for your company. Focus on strategic decisions and delegate time-consuming tasks to trustworthy people.

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Who is a Virtual Assistant?

The scope of duties of a virtual assistant does not differ from the traditional position of an assistant, but she is distinguished by the fact that she performs her work remotely. This does not mean, however, that it is less effective. With her competences and skills, she turns on when needed. He is an experienced and specialized person in the broadly understood assistantship and customer service. Can be well organized to deliver high-quality results in a timely manner.

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Who uses the services of a virtual assistant?

Remote cooperation is becoming a common form for people who want to operate more efficiently and optimize processes in their company. A virtual assistant fits perfectly into this task management model. Who benefits from its support?

  • owners of micro-businesses, small and medium-sized companies
  • freelancers
  • foreign companies locating their teams in Poland
  • project teams
  • people who want to develop their businesses faster
  • people focusing on effective and flexible cooperation
  • overworked people ready to delegate tasks outside to gain time for other activities or passions
What will you gain by choosing a virtual assistant from Idea Place?

A comprehensive approach to your tasks

Flexible cooperation

Flexible cooperation

At Idea Place, we are at your disposal. You decide when you want to take advantage of the assistant support. We adapt to the style of business you prefer.

Short implementation time of delegated tasks

Short implementation time of delegated tasks

Your tasks have a high priority for us. You can count on our commitment and professionalism in areas important to you, especially those where timeliness is required.

Guarantee of availability and a convenient form of contact

Guarantee of availability and a convenient form of contact

By choosing a subscription in Idea Place, you get a dedicated virtual assistant you can rely on in various topics. You choose the form of contact that will be best for you (video calls, telephone, e-mail or meetings at Idea Place headquarters).

Be productive not busy

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Virtual assistant from Idea Place - what makes us different?

Highly personalized service

You run a company, and this requires action on many levels. We adjust the scope of the service to your needs, because we know that effective solutions must be tailored to a specific business.

Commitment and many years of experience

Virtual assistant not only carries out tasks, but also shares her knowledge and experience. We go beyond the frames and get involved in your business.

Openness to challenges

Both large and small topics can be crucial to your business. We will support you in any non-standard topic because we like challenges.

High quality of service

Your virtual assistant becomes a member of your team that you can trust. You gain a person who approaches his duties reliably and professionally.

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What will the virtual assistant support you with?

assistant activities

  • taking care of the company's calendar
  • organization of meetings and business trips
  • preparation of notes, presentations and summaries
  • contact with business partners

administrative activities

  • coordination of activities related to running a company
  • virtual secretariat (e-mail management, document and correspondence management, making orders)
  • handling invoices
  • organizing events

design activities

  • extensive research in industry topics
  • preparation of drafts and plans
  • the first stage of recruiting new employees (editing the content of advertisements, publishing advertisements, initial verification of candidates)

representation activities

  • support especially for foreign entities
  • company representation on the basis of a power of attorney or a proxy
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Virtual Assistant Wrocław - price list

Do you want to start an assistant cooperation with Idea Place? Choose the package that works best for your business. The time to use the package is 1 month.

SMALL package

450 PLN net

5 hours 90 pln/h*

The term of validity:
One month from buyout

For those who start working with a virtual assistant

Ask for contact

MEDIUM package

800 PLN net

10 hours 80 pln/h*

The term of validity:
One month from buyout

For those seeking support in repetitive tasks

Ask for contact

LARGE package

1400 PLN net

20 hours 70 pln/h*

The term of validity:
One month from buyout

For demanding and ready to delegate duties of high importance to the company

Ask for contact

* Net prices, which do not include 23% TAX


You decide when and what package you want to implement. Let’s talk about it.

Let's talk, what we can do for you

How to start an assistant cooperation with IdeaPlace?

As a business owner, you want to focus primarily on tasks that bring you profit. However, everyday life can draw you into a whirlwind of obligations that are not necessarily key for the company. How to change it? Delegate tasks that require regularity and repetition to an effective assistant. Learn step by step how to start working with Idea Place.

1 Tell us about your needs

Let's meet and talk. It will be a good opportunity to get to know your business needs. For our team, each company is unique, which is why we are characterized by an individual approach.

2 Let's establish the best plan

At this stage, we define the details of the cooperation. We will ask you to present the tasks that you want to delegate to the virtual assistant. If the packages we offer are not adapted to your style of work, we will prepare the one that will suit you.

3 Let us prove ourselves

Entrust our assistant with the first tasks and see that Idea Place is a partner you can trust in many fields and delegate even the most demanding tasks.

By delegating you are closer to your goal

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What is worth knowing about the VIRTUAL ASSISTANT

Frequently Asked Questions

Have we inspired you to work in an interesting place? If you want to know more details about virtual assistant in Wrocław, check what we answer to the most frequently asked questions. Didn't find the answer to your question? Contact our employees directly.

Is using a virtual assistant profitable?
Delegating tasks is an investment with a long-term rate of return. A large part of tasks could certainly be performed by our clients personally, but they are aware that delegating tasks is profitable for them in the long run. Especially since these are activities that they most often do not like to perform or believe that entrusting it to another person will result in new ideas. As a consequence, they carry out tasks that are important from the point of view of the company's development, and are not stuck in the "trifles" that are burdensome for them. Of course, it takes time to explain something, but it is a one-time operation. We recommend preparing procedures that will help in delegating tasks for the future and will be an investment for years.
How can a virtual assistant help me?
The role of a virtual assistant is to relieve you in broadly understood administrative tasks by transferring the dimension of the existing office to the remotely managed e-office zone, support in assistant activities necessary to carry out your business matters, but also a project activity that results from the development needs of your company.
What specific tasks can I entrust to a virtual assistant?
Can I have a free consultation first?
Yes, we offer a free 30-minute consultation to every person interested in our offer, who would like to learn more about the idea of virtual assistant support. We offer a phone call or an online meeting on the selected communicator.
Do I have to sign a contract for the service?
Yes, we sign a contract for services due to the desire to ensure comfort in the discussed principles of cooperation, including the protection of personal data, confidentiality and transfer of copyrights.
Can I read the contract?
Getting acquainted with the contract template is possible after the first interview devoted to discussing your needs and adjusting our scope of support.
What subscriptions do you offer?
We offer three hourly subscriptions:
a) 5 hours
b) 10 hours
c) 20 hours.
Each package is valid for one month.
Do I always have to choose the same subscription?
No, it's up to you to decide which subscription is most optimal for you for the next month.
What if the subscription is over and there still are tasks to be done? Is the fee charged automatically?
Your assistant supervises the condition of your package being in constant contact with you. In a situation where the package expires and there are still tasks to be performed, she informs you about it, wanting to select the next package, thanks to which she will be able to complete the task.
How does the start of cooperation with a Virtual Assistant look like?
After signing the contract and paying for the selected package, you will be assigned a Virtual Assistant who will arrange a phone call or videoconference with you. During the conversation, you will determine the rules of cooperation, the scope of tasks you want to delegate to us, the method of communication and assigning tasks. e-mail confirmation of the established rules.
The time devoted to the organizational interview is not deducted from the package you purchased. We want to get to know you and your company as best as possible, because it will allow us to improve our cooperation and establish its rules.
Will I only work with one Virtual Assistant?
Yes, a specific assistant will be at your disposal to act as your personal support. Together with your assistant, you will discuss the tasks each time and she will be responsible for their diligent implementation. You will be in constant contact to maintain the most effective level of communication.
How will I communicate with my Virtual Assistant?
We offer contact by phone, e-mail, video or using a dedicated project management program. We individually determine the method of communication that is most appropriate to your preferences or a specific type of task.
What hours and days can I count on contact with the Virtual Assistant?
We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.