Renting your own office is a huge cost and a financial obligation for years. Not everyone can afford it, but each of us deserves great working conditions.

If, for various reasons, you are unable to afford the financial and logistical burden, the ideal solution is to rent a serviced office.


A prestigious location at your fingertips

If you are looking for a place where you could locate your team, one of the most important factors for you should be the location.

The first reason is convenient access to the company, and the second is the image in the eyes of customers. Companies located in the city center are perceived as prestigious and professional, but rental prices in this part of the city can make you dizzy.

That’s why IdeaPlace offers a solution where you can “have a cookie and eat a cookie”. So you can register and run your company’s office in the center of Wrocław, and at the same time not go bankrupt, because renting a serviced office in the end is a much cheaper alternative for people looking for office space.


A ready-work office In the case of traditional office space rental, the cost of space should also include the cost of purchasing furniture and all the time devoted to searching for appropriate equipment and renovation.

This is not the case with serviced offices.

Our offices are ready to work from the very beginning. Equipped with high-quality furniture, have high-speed internet access to a kitchen. This is a significant saving of money, but also a huge amount of time.


Tailored service

At IdeaPlace, we try to meet even the most demanding needs of our clients, which is why each of our services is constantly tailored individually to each company.

When deciding on your own office, you must take into account many situations that may occur and to which you will need to adapt the space.

Business meetings and conferences require private rooms, and many administrative tasks will require you to set up a reception desk and hire additional people to receive customers visiting your company and deal with calls and correspondence.

At IdeaPlace, we will take care of it for you. You do not have to rent a huge space in which you can organize a place for every occasion.

If you are planning a meeting with an important client, you can use one of our private business rooms. An elegant room in an office in the center of Wrocław will certainly have a positive impact on your image. However, during the event itself, our professional reception team will take care of you, which will also replace the additional jobs you create and support you in administrative matters when you need it.

You save on the monthly rent, its service and employment costs, and you use everything only when you need it. This is what convenience and flexibility are all about.


Flexible rental

Another factor to consider when renting office space is the rental period. Not every entrepreneur is looking for a place for years. Some people need temporary space for a team that works partially remotely in times of a pandemic. Others are in a dynamic situation where the size of the team changes within a short period of time. Others are looking for a place for an initially small branch that they want to open in Poland, operating under conditions of uncertainty.

Regardless of what your reason is and you are focused on developing your business based on changing conditions, choose a convenient solution.

In our serviced office, you only pay for what you use and for what period. This applies to all additional services, but also to the space rental itself.

At IdeaPlace, we focus on flexibility, which is why in our serviced offices every entrepreneur will find a cheaper alternative to a professional office in the city center.