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Serviced office - Wrocław

Are you looking for a comfortable and prestigious workplace for your team? You need an office that will adapt to the specifics of your employees’ work. We are here to offer you the perfect solution. Take advantage of our experience, professional service and extensive networking.

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A place that motivates your team

What will you gain by choosing an office serviced at Idea Place?

Prestigious location

Prestigious location

Our offices are located in the heart of Wrocław, which enables quick access from every part of the city. There are excellent dining options and cultural centers nearby. It is also a meeting place for business people. Your employees will be at the center of the action.

Comfortable space

Comfortable space

We are flexible and we arrange office space, taking into account the individual needs of companies and their employees. We offer fully equipped and functional serviced offices with full furniture and access to all amenities.

Inspiring atmosphere

Inspiring atmosphere

We create a place that brings together representatives of various industries. This is an unusual opportunity to establish new business contacts. We care about relationships with our clients and support the spirit of networking. Your team will meet inspiring people.

Boutique tenement house in the heart of Wroclaw. Life revolves around the center.

Get to know our most important advantages

Serviced office tailored to your needs

Flexible offer

Flexible offer

Clients appreciate our ability to adapt to their business needs. We offer fixed-term offices for companies interested in timely rental, as well as contracts for an indefinite period with one month’s notice. When the company grows and needs more space, the customer does not have to wait until the end of the contract. We are open to changes during cooperation.

Predictability of costs

Predictability of costs

From the beginning of cooperation, we focus on transparent valuation. When determining costs, we consider the office space, not the number of employees. At the same time, we recommend the maximum number of positions in order to maintain work comfort. As a result, the customer can count on a fixed fee.

Comprehensive service

Comprehensive service

We have a rich package of additional services that support the daily functioning of the company. We provide, among others cleaning service, unlimited access to the office and common areas seven days a week and assistance in any unusual case.

Individual approach

Individual approach

It is very important for us to get to know our clients’ needs well. This knowledge is the starting point for creating a personalized offer. We define the scope of our support and adjust our activities to the expectations of companies.

We are a support for your company

Serviced office in Wrocław – how to start?

The best offer is waiting for you at Idea Place

1 Become part of an unique place

Do you want to use the serviced office at Idea Place? Contact us. We will inform you about the availability of offices, office space areas, rental dates and other aspects important to you. We are here to provide you with a comfortable place to do business.

2 Enjoy multiple services

Running a business is a challenge. At Idea Place, a wide range of services that will facilitate management awaits you – a virtual assistant, a frontdesk that will receive your clients and intimate business rooms. You can also entrust us with other important tasks like organizing a corporate integration event.

3 Let us prove ourselves

Many years of presence on the market allowed us to gain experience in many business and organizational levels. That is why we are able to meet even the greatest challenges. We go beyond the scheme, and our clients know that we can be counted on

Our clients reviews

Our clients’ opinions

Droids on Roids Sp. z o.o. used the Idea Place office space for three years. During this time, our requirements changed depending on the implemented projects. Regardless of the number of people employed, we could always count on an increase in the occupied space.

While looking for a new office, we knew that our workplace should, on the one hand, provide the comfort of peace and quiet, and at the same time must have a creative soul. Idea Place fully met our expectations.

Wojciech Szwajkiewicz – Prezes Zarządu
Droids on Roids Sp. z o.o.

Since the start of our cooperation the Idea Place representatives present a professional, friendly attitude and willingness to help. They are always available and are very responsive to our needs, even when we require some urgent actions.

Monika Nowak – Head of Supply Chain 
Pattonair Poland Sp. z o.o.

The time spent at IdeaPlace is remembered by our entire team with a smile on their face.
The Idea Place team has always supported us with good advice and help in solving any problems. The fees for renting the office were very attractive and included all the costs associated with its functioning, which increased our comfort and quality of the service offered.

Tomasz Dyszy – Branch Manager
iStone Poland Sp. z o.o.

Renting a micro-office in IdeaPlace was a good decision for Advanced Solutions. The location, the space, the facilities and staff attitude made us feel at home immediately.

Declan Foley – Director
Advanced Field Solutions Ltd.

The company I work for rents a serviced office at Idea Place.
In my opinion, this is a place definitely worth recommending to an individual or a company. The front desk team always takes care of a good atmosphere and that everything works very smoothly.

Oliwier Urban – Team Member
Exy Poland Sp. z o.o.

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What you should know about the serviced office

Frequently asked questions

Are you interested in our serviced office offer and you have additional questions? We answer many of them below. If you want to know more, we look forward to hearing from you. We are happy to talk about what we can do for you.

What is the equipment of the serviced office?

Serviced offices are equipped with functional workstations consisting of a desk, an individual lockable chest of drawers and comfortable office chairs. In the case of individual needs, we also organize equipment that is reported by the customer.

At what hours can I use the office?

We provide 24/7 access to serviced offices 7 days a week.

What are the reception hours?

The team at the front desk is available every working day from 9.00-17.00. In urgent situations, we remain at your disposal by phone or e-mail.

How will my clients find their way to my office?

The logotype of each company is visible at the entrance to the space, which works great as a signpost. They reach our Front Desk, we welcome our clients’ guests directing them to the office or meeting room.

What office equipment can i use?

We offer a multifunctional tool, i.e. a copier, scanner and fax, which can be used online.

Will I have access to the conference room?

Our clients have access to all business and training rooms after prior reservation of a specific place and date.

Can I order something to your address and pick it up when I’m at work?

Of course. After accepting the package, we will send you a notification.

Does the building have a parking lot?

Due to its location in the very center, it is possible to use the city car park or use the multi-storey / underground car parks in the surrounding buildings. At the client’s request, we send suggestions of places together with the applicable terms of use, but we also coordinate the process of purchasing a specific subscription.

For what period is the contract for the serviced office signed?

We offer serviced offices on the basis of short-term obligations. We offer a choice of cooperation for an indefinite period with a monthly notice period or a six-month period of declaration of cooperation, which can be continued by extending for the same period or using the option of an indefinite rental period.

Do I have to reckon with additional costs when renting an office?

An additional cost is energy consumption, which we calculate according to the degree of use. However, access to an equipped kitchen with aromatic coffee, tea and water is included in the price, regardless of the size of your team.

What is a serviced office?

Today, entrepreneurs have various options for renting office spaces, one of which is a serviced office. Wroclaw is an example of a city where this type of service is also available. A serviced office, also known as a flex office, is characterized by a flexible approach to organizing the workspace. The office space is transformed according to the requirements of each team. In addition to being fully furnished and equipped, business owners also gain access to additional services, such as administrative support, conference room availability, and professional office equipment.

Who are serviced offices dedicated to?

A serviced office is a perfect solution for companies that prioritize growth. Who exactly would be interested in this service? Representatives of foreign companies who are planning to open a branch in Wroclaw for their specialists. Additionally, they can expect comprehensive support along with coordination of the entire branch establishment process. The flexible approach to leasing makes it a good option for companies that regularly increase their workforce, leading to the need for more office space. In the case of serviced offices, or flex offices, all of this is possible at any time.

A serviced office versus an ordinary office – what will pay off more?

Establishing cooperation with IdeaPlace through our office rental service is incredibly easy. We minimize the number of necessary formalities and documents so that you and your team can start working in our space as quickly as possible. Before making a decision, we allow you to familiarize yourself with the available offices. You can visit us in person or request a video tour if, for various reasons, you are unable to come in person.

Once you make your choice, we will send you the terms of cooperation to the provided email address. These terms will include rental rates and dates, the contract template, a list of individuals who will have access to the rented office, as well as details regarding your team’s personalized office equipment needs. Precise arrangements will ensure an efficient and satisfying collaboration.

If you are the owner of a Polish company, we only require your NIP (Tax Identification Number) to complete all the necessary documentation. We independently obtain the registration in CEIDG or KRS, so you don’t need to worry about providing us with additional information. For international clients, we request documents confirming the formal existence of the entity and the identification of decision-makers authorized to enter into obligations on behalf of the entity.

Additional benefits of renting a serviced office at IdeaPlace

At IdeaPlace, we care about our clients’ interests because we see ourselves as a part of their company. Our office space is flexible and tailored to the individual needs of teams, ensuring that everyone is fully satisfied with their workstation. We prioritize efficient communication, allowing us to respond quickly to any requests from those using our services. The terms of cooperation are discussed directly with decision-makers at IdeaPlace, significantly reducing the time needed to resolve specific matters. We continuously improve and expand our services to offer much more than just office rental. With Wroclaw as our location, there are plenty of opportunities to expand your networking and create projects in an inspiring environment. By choosing office space at Plac Solny 15, you know that you won’t lack anything.

Serviced office vs Conventional office – which is more cost-effective?

Office space for rent – which one to choose? The traditional way of renting office space is still popular. However, it’s essential to consider that it requires involvement in organizational matters not only in terms of time but also financially (e.g., setting up a secretariat and hiring staff to manage it). In the case of serviced offices, you can count on cost optimization and minimal formalities. A company offering serviced offices takes care of office management, including reception services, finding a cleaning company, and providing access to additional facilities such as kitchens, conference, and meeting rooms. As a result, the costs are lower compared to a traditional office. Flex office is a modern solution that, due to its advantages, is favored by entrepreneurs.

Type of business and office rental

Renting a serviced office from IdeaPlace is primarily targeted at companies and entrepreneurs who value the optimization of their responsibilities. By using our services, they can rely on secretarial assistance for administrative matters. Additionally, we offer unlimited access to a kitchen stocked with coffee and tea supplies. You don’t need to worry about the additional costs associated with hiring a cleaning crew – we take care of everything.

IT, e-commerce, finance, legal firms, HR – these are the industries that most commonly choose our office rental service. Wroclaw is a city of business opportunities, which is why our offer is directed not only to small and medium-sized companies but also to corporations looking for a place to establish a branch in a new location. We assist businesses in achieving their growth plans. Renting a serviced office at IdeaPlace means more than just convenient space – it also includes comprehensive care from our qualified team.

Additional benefits of renting a serviced office at Idea Place

IdeaPlace is not just another office space available in the capital of Lower Silesia. We stand out with our individual approach to clients because we understand that every business requires a different organization. Our team consists of professionals who will make every effort to support your company in various aspects. Operating in Wroclaw for many years, we have built a wide network of contacts with entrepreneurs and experts. You too can benefit from our experience. Serviced offices in Wroclaw by IdeaPlace offer a prestigious location at the most recognizable square in Wroclaw (Plac Solny 15). It’s simply worth being here and developing your business!

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