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    Centrum Inkubacji i Biznesu Sp. z o.o.

    Plac Solny 15, 50-062 Wrocław

    NIP: 8971839784
    REGON: 8971839784
    KRS: 0000677768
    Kapitał zakładowy 5000,00 zł wpłacony w całości

    ul. Poznańska 16, 50-046 Wrocław

    Oddział Wrocław, ul. Pretficza 11, 50-930 Wrocław

    Urząd Skarbowy
    Stare Miasto, ul. Inowrocławska 4, 53-630 Wrocław



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    How can I get to IdeaPlace?

    Choosing the appropriate transport for yourself :) You can use public transport, because due to the location in the center, there are many connections in our direction, so you can choose from an extensive network of bus and tram lines. You can also use a car and park in Plac Solny and in the nearby streets surrounding the market square, as well as by using a city bike and private bike.

    Does IdeaPlace have its own parking lot?

    Due to the location in the center, it is only possible to use the city car park or the nearby underground / multi-storey car parks.

    At what times can I contact IdeaPlace?

    Our team is available every working day from 9.00-17.00. At individual customer requests, we are also available at other times, both on business days and weekends.

    Can I get to IdeaPlace by public transport?

    Yes, the location in the city center favors the number of bus and tram connections from every part of Wrocław. The number of nearby stops guarantees that you can easily reach us by public transport.

    Is there a city bike station near IdeaPlace?

    Yes, the nearest city bike station is just 16 meters from us.