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Virtual office - Wrocław

Does your company need an address that will distinguish it from the competition? Choose a place in the heart of Wrocław. A prestigious address for the headquarters is a good start. At Idea Place, you get even more… We support you in your daily work and enable you to use office spaces. We will adapt the virtual office service to your needs.

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What will you gain by choosing a virtual office at Idea Place?

An address that counts in business

An address that counts in business

We offer your company an address in the very center of the capital of Lower Silesia. You gain a location that will positively affect the image of your business and play a role in contact with customers. Solny Square 15 is a recognizable place on the map of Wrocław. We provide an address for correspondence, registration and marketing purposes.

Comprehensive correspondence service

Comprehensive correspondence service

At Idea Place, we will offer you the most convenient way of collecting and delivering company mail. You decide what kind of correspondence we can collect. We will notify you quickly and efficiently about a new letter or shipment and we will make sure that your correspondence is safe. Moreover, you can change and adjust the terms of correspondence service at any time.

Many services in one place

Many services in one place

We meet the requirements of entrepreneurs. You can find professional business rooms for small meetings and multi-person training courses with coffee service and catering. A virtual assistant will support the daily organization of the company, and if you want to work in the office, you can rent an office or a coworking space. You can use many useful services in one place.

Właściwy adres ma znaczenie

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Get to know our most important advantages

Prestigious location

Prestigious location

You get a virtual address that is at the center of business and cultural events. Solny Square 15 is located close to the Wrocław market square. It is the best connected part of the city with easy and quick access.

Cost optimization

Cost optimization

We know how important it is to wisely manage the company's finances. A virtual office allows you to optimize the costs associated with running a business. At an attractive price, you get a high-level service package. This solution includes business owners, for whom renting an office in a traditional way may not be profitable.

Trust and discretion

Trust and discretion

We have been operating on the market for many years and we enjoy the trust of public institutions to which we are subject and with whom we cooperate. Our offer is a response to the contemporary needs of entrepreneurs. In addition, we attach great importance to discretion and care for your correspondence and company documentation. At Idea Place you can be sure that your company documents are safe.

Support of specialists

Support of specialists

Relationships are important in Idea Place. Over the years, we have managed to develop valuable contacts with a wide range of specialists. Your company can also benefit from their knowledge and experience. We cooperate with lawyers, tax advisors, accountants and translators.

Offer tailored to your business

Virtual office Wrocław - price list


200 pln

monthly in the annual package Save 1080 pln

240 zł miesięcznie przy płatności półrocznej lub 290 zł miesięcznie*

  • prestigious address for company registration
  • handling incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • scanning of correspondence
  • 20% discount on booking meeting rooms and training rooms
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260 pln

monthly in the annual package Save 1080 pln

300 zł miesięcznie przy płatności półrocznej lub 350 zł miesięcznie**

  • prestigious address for company registration
  • handling incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • scanning of correspondence
  • 20% discount on booking meeting rooms and training rooms
  • company logo plate in front of the entrance to the office
  • dedicated cabinet for documents
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560 pln

monthly in the annual package Save 2280 pln

620 zł miesięcznie przy płatności półrocznej lub 750 zł miesięcznie*

  • prestigious address for company registration
  • handling incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • scanning of correspondence
  • 20% discount on booking meeting rooms and training rooms
  • company logo plate in front of the entrance to the office
  • dedicated cabinet for documents
  • dedicated landline number redirected to a mobile number (+ re-invoicing of the cost of redirects)
  • access to the room or assistant services (4 h / month
  • a place to work in a coworking space (5 days / month)
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* Net prices, which do not include 23% TAX

We support our clients from the beginning

How to start cooperation with Idea Place?

Get to know our approach and see why you should choose a virtual office.

1 STEP 1

When you contact our company, we will present you a detailed offer and discuss the terms of cooperation. We will explain in detail what a virtual office at Idea Place is and dispel any doubts. We are waiting for your questions.

2 STEP 2

We want to know your business well. Thanks to this knowledge, we will choose the best package of services for you. You will see that our offer is comprehensive, flexible and tailored to different types of business.

3 STEP 3

Signing the contract means that we have just started cooperation. From that moment on, you can use our address for registration, correspondence and advertising your company and also use the services available in the package.

Our clients reviews

Our clients’ opinions

We established cooperation with the Incubation and Business Center in the field of office services, as part of which we registered the company at Plac Solny 15 and also we entrusted the circulation of corporate correspondence. The registration process in the necessary institutions went smoothly and without problems, mainly due to many years of experience and the presence of the office on the Wrocław market. A perfect complement to the services offered is the possibility of renting business rooms for hours, both on weekdays and weekends.

Maciej Nawrocki – Member of the Board
Strategiczni Sp. z o.o.

Registering a company under this address has many advantages. The support of the Idea Place team and the assistant services are of the highest quality. You can always count on an individual approach and understanding of your needs.
On behalf of the brand www.pasja-pisania.pl I recommend Idea Place as a place for the development of new companies, startups and freelancers, because they can support everyone with their positive energy and professionalism.

Dariusz Brzezicki – CEO
Pasja Pisania Sp. z o.o.

For me, a virtual office is primarily a comfort of functioning: efficient assistant service, access to a good-quality meeting place, and convenient location. Idea Place gives it all and complements it with a perfect atmosphere.

This is what the perfect business partner looks like!

Grzegorz Szałajko

A close, warm and enthusiastic atmosphere. This is where you want to work. From this location it is easy to walk to good food for lunch and parking in Plac Solny before 9:00 is easily accessible.

For me, it is a prestigious location for my company. I don’t have to go to the post office.

Marek Hobler – Prezes Zarządu
Marek Hobler White Hats

More about IdeaPlace

Our clients

We have already been trusted by 1500 customers from all over the world. We care about long-term partnerships and we always try to match the services to the needs of our clients' businesses and employees

Zaufanie i wiarygodność.

What else we can do for your business

Check out other services at Idea Place

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant

Do you need assistant support in everyday business? A virtual assistant will take over the tasks and lead projects related to the organization of your company. During this time, you will focus on developing your business.



Find a work space where you can thrive. We offer comfortable and intimate workstations, and you decide when and how often you will use them. You don't have to be bound by any contract. Thanks to the reservation system, you have the freedom to plan your stays in the office.

Conference rooms

Conference rooms

We know how important it is to maintain business relationships. We provide rooms with multimedia equipment for offline and online meetings with clients, contractors and employees. In our location there are smaller business rooms (up to 6 people) and larger training rooms (up to 30 people). When organizing meetings, you can also count on the involvement of the experienced Idea Place team.

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What you should know about the virtual office

Frequently asked questions

Are you interested in our virtual offices offer and you have additional questions? We answer many of them below. If you want to know more, we look forward to hearing from you. We are happy to talk about what we can do for you.

Which tax office will my company be subject to?

Tax Office Wrocław - Old Town, Inowrocławska 4 Street, 53-654 Wrocław.

How much does it cost to rent a virtual office?

The amount for the monthly service depends on the selected package and payment option. When paying for half a year, we offer one month for free, so you will pay for five months, and you will receive one for free as part of cooperation. When paying for the year in advance, we offer up to 3 months free, so you only pay for nine and you get the next three for free.

How to set up a virtual office?

You should conclude a contract with us for office services, as part of which we provide the registration service and collection of correspondence along with optional access to other additional services that you can use when you need.

How does a virtual office work?

From the date of signing the contract, you have the right to a registration and correspondence address at Plac Solny 15, 50-062 Wrocław, which you can freely dispose of in order to refurbish and direct your mail. Upon receipt of any letter or parcel, you will receive an email notification. You can then also receive a scan of the letter's contents or obtain information about the contents of the package. You also have the right to use our additional services: rental of business and training rooms, a place to work in a coworking zone or serviced offices, or the support of a virtual assistant. All the options mentioned are optional, which means that you use them when you need and pay for the service actually used.

What does a virtual office give you?

First of all, prestige with a representative address in the center of Wrocław and great comfort in delegating the mail collection service, which we provide for you on a continuous basis. Therefore, you profit from the image, optimize costs and enjoy peace of mind by taking care of your privacy. You can use the space for meetings or work when you need it and you can be sure that you can always count on professional, trusted service and effective administrative support.

When is the office open?

Front desk is available to our clients from 9.00-17.00 on each working day, so you can also collect correspondence in person during these hours. Our clients have access to the meeting and work space 24/7 without any restrictions.

What is the registration of correspondence?

Each received letter or parcel is recorded in the Customer's correspondence journal, with the date of receipt and the sender.

Who can pick up my company's correspondence?

The correspondence can be collected by any person authorized to represent the company. In the case of a company, these are persons included in the management board in accordance with the entry in the National Court Register, and in the case of sole proprietorship, its owner in accordance with the entry in CEiDG. On the basis of a written authorization, it is also possible to grant such authority to receive mail to any designated person.

Do I have to provide a company stamp?

It is not required in any way to have your company stamp. To receive incoming correspondence, you must authorize IdeaPlace employees once, who then have the right to receive, in addition to ordinary letters, also registered letters and with acknowledgment of receipt.

What happens to the correspondence that I do not receive?

During the cooperation, we regularly take care of reminders of outstanding correspondence, which can be picked up at a convenient time or redirected to the indicated mailing address. After the end of cooperation, the outstanding correspondence is archived.

Will I be informed about incoming correspondence?

Each time we inform about incoming correspondence by sending a notification by e-mail with information about the sender and, in accordance with the arrangements resulting from the contract, we can automatically or on request attach the scanned content of the letter or provide information about the content.

Will I receive a scan of my correspondence?

Yes, if you give your consent. Receiving scans can be set as part of the automatic opening and scanning of each correspondence or choose the optional scanning of a specific item, informing us each time by e-mail which letter to open and send its scan.

U nas krzyżują się wszystkie drogi

What is a virtual office?

Dlaczego warto zwrócić uwagę na wirtualne biuro? Wrocław to miasto z biznesowym potencjałem. Przedsiębiorcy w stolicy Dolnego Śląska stawiają na innowacyjne rozwiązania. Dotyczy to także tego, jak prowadzą swoje firmy. Wirtualne biuro we Wrocławiu to usługa, która proponuje nowy i wygodny sposób prowadzenia biura. Polega na udostępnianiu wirtualnego adresu do rejestracji działalności gospodarczej i korespondencji, ale obejmuje też szereg usług dodatkowych. Jedna z nich to obsługa recepcyjna, która nabiera znaczenia, gdy właściciel firmy i jego pracownicy większość czasu spędzają poza biurem. Wtedy to pracownicy sekretariatu przejmują pierwszy kontakt z nowym klientem firmy i całą administrację. Dla właścicieli kluczowe jest także zaplanowanie comiesięcznych wydatków. Wirtualne biuro pozwala zmniejszyć i zoptymalizować regularne koszty prowadzenia biura. To alternatywa dla tradycyjnego wynajmu przestrzeni biurowej.

Who is the virtual office intended for?

Z możliwości, jakie daje wirtualny adres firmy, korzystają przedstawiciele rozmaitych branż. Usługa cieszy się zainteresowaniem wśród prowadzących działalności gospodarcze, przedstawicieli spółek i organizacji pozarządowych. Wirtualne biuro wybierają także podmioty zagraniczne, które otwierają nowe oddziały i stawiają na Wrocław. Jedną z kluczowych zalet tej formy prowadzenia biura jest cena. Decydując się na wirtualne biuro, klienci zyskują kompleksową usługę, której koszty są zoptymalizowane. Dzisiaj nie jest to wyłącznie adres, który ma znaczenie wizerunkowe. Usługa obejmuje także wsparcie na wielu płaszczyznach – zaczynając od obsługi korespondencyjnej, a kończąc na doradztwie ekspertów z zakresu księgowości czy prawa.

Virtual address - how does it work?

Prowadzenie własnej działalności wymaga wskazania adresu siedziby firmy. Właściciele firm, którzy nie chcą rejestrować swoich działalności w miejscu zamieszkania lub przedsiębiorcy, których specyfika prowadzenia biznesu nie wymaga stałego pobytu w biurze, powinni rozważyć opcję wirtualnego biura. W Idea Place oferujemy naszym klientom kilka pakietów z różnymi usługami. Po podpisaniu umowy i szczegółowym omówieniu, czego potrzebuje Twoja firma, możesz korzystać z naszego adresu do celów związanych z prowadzeniem firmy. Dodatkowo oddajesz w nasze ręce korespondencję przychodzącą i wychodzącą oraz jej skanowanie. Powierzasz prowadzenie biura profesjonalistom, którzy zajmą się wszystkimi formalnościami, a Ty będziesz mógł całą uwagę poświęcić rozwijaniu firmy. Zachęcamy do zapoznania się ze szczegółami naszej oferty.

Real meetings in a virtual office - is it possible?

Wirtualne biuro wcale nie oznacza, że fizycznie nie masz do niego dostępu. Idea Place oddaje klientom do dyspozycji przestrzeń biurową wtedy, kiedy tego potrzebują. Dotyczy to zarówno pomieszczeń biurowych, miejsc coworkingowych, jak i sal biznesowych. Możesz zaplanować spotkanie biznesowe, a my zadbamy o przygotowanie miejsca, w którym jego uczestnicy poczują się komfortowo. Chcesz zorganizować szkolenie? Nasze sale są wyposażone w sprzęt multimedialny i profesjonalnie przygotowane do tego rodzaju spotkań. Wyróżniamy się szerokim spojrzeniem na potrzeby naszych klientów. Wychodzimy naprzeciw ich oczekiwaniom. Dla nas adres do rejestracji firmy to początek dobrej współpracy.