In recent years, we can observe a dynamic development of the training industry in Poland. Looking at the contemporary job market, where various employers are increasingly sending employees to specialized courses, and they themselves eagerly invest in their own development, this trend seems entirely justified. Proportionally to the interest in training, the number of people willing to share their knowledge with others and try their hand at the role of a trainer is growing. However, to derive not only satisfaction but also satisfactory financial profits from this, good organization is necessary. Renting a training room, preparing a substantive program, obtaining necessary certificates – these are key elements that need to be taken care of when starting to conduct trainings. What else should you remember to effectively develop your career as a trainer? We answer!

How to become a trainer?

A trainer is a specialist responsible for designing, organizing, and conducting courses, trainings, and professional development programs in a specific field, addressed to various companies, organizations, or institutions. When answering the question of how to become a trainer, it is worth paying particular attention to three basic aspects that need to be carefully analyzed and planned before starting activities in this direction.

Firstly, it should be noted that the effectiveness of each training depends on the level of its substance and the preparation of the trainer himself. Participants invest in courses to gain specific knowledge that will either develop their existing skills or acquire new ones. Therefore, it is impossible to be a good trainer enjoying authority and trust among participants without having thorough knowledge in each area, specialized education, or documented experience in this field.

Secondly, when thinking about organizing your own trainings, it is worth at the beginning to thoroughly verify the market demand for the offered product. This will help you find out if this idea has business justification and can meet with interest.

Another necessary step will be to determine the target group to which you want to address your own trainings. Therefore, consider whether they will be students, students, private individuals, or maybe corporations or other training companies? This will also make it easier for you to determine your specialization and create an attractive training program.

Why become a trainer?

A trainer is a perspective profession that is gradually gaining in importance. As already mentioned, the educational and training industry in Poland is constantly developing, and companies and employees are increasingly focusing on continuous learning and improving their qualifications.

The increased demand for training is also influenced by visible gaps in the basic education system, which in many cases does not sufficiently prepare graduates for specialized roles in organizations. The growing popularity of trainings is also influenced by the contemporary job market, where additional courses and training programs are an important and often encountered point on the list of employee benefits.

All this means that a trainer is a career path that can bring – apart from undoubted satisfaction from teaching and observing the development of participants – also significant financial profits. It is also a way to improve your communication skills, a chance to meet interesting people, build a network of valuable contacts, and a great opportunity to exchange thoughts and gain new, valuable experiences.

What skills are needed to work as a trainer?

The basis in the work of a trainer is, of course, solid knowledge entitling to present oneself as an expert in each field. However, to effectively perform this profession, several other competences and predispositions are needed, such as:

Conducting trainings: courses and trainings for future trainers

Working as a trainer, you should also strive for continuous improvement and development of your own competences. This includes both specific substantive knowledge and communication or pedagogical skills, which every effective trainer must possess.

Developing interpersonal skills

Being a trainer is not only about transferring knowledge but also about building relationships with participants. Therefore, a person conducting courses should be characterized by highly developed interpersonal skills. Particularly useful is the ability to actively listen, thanks to which – as a trainer – you will be better able to understand the needs of participants and skillfully adjust the format and program of trainings to their expectations, which will certainly result in a positive reception and high rating of your courses.

Another key skill in the work of a trainer is empathy, necessary both for effectively supporting participants on their development path and for solving problematic situations that may arise when working with a larger group. Being attentive to the feelings of others and taking an empathetic approach will help you maintain a positive training atmosphere.

Practice as a trainer’s assistant

To become an effective and respected trainer in the training industry, practice is necessary, which is a key part of the professional development process of every trainer. One of the steps worth considering is working as an assistant to a professional trainer. This is an excellent opportunity to gain the necessary experience and practical skills, as well as to get to know people from the industry and build a reputation in this environment.

Certificates and accreditations

Certificates issued by recognized institutions and organizations confirm the qualifications held and are an important factor affecting the credibility of a trainer. There is a strictly defined group of training services subject to special regulations. This applies, for example, to training in plant protection products requiring a special entry in the register kept by the voivode’s inspector for plant protection and seed production. On the other hand, people planning to provide training services on the public market must apply for accreditation from the education curator. However, most trainings do not require obtaining additional concessions, licenses, or permits.

Trainer – how to find a job?

The beginnings of a career can be difficult regardless of the industry you work in. Wanting to become a trainer, it is worth at the beginning to spend time building a network of contacts, establishing business relationships with professionals who already work as trainers, participate in conferences or other industry events.

If, on the other hand, you have a well-established concept for an original training program and you value autonomy and greater independence, you can consider starting your own business.

How much does a trainer earn per hour and what affects the remuneration?

Working as a trainer can become a satisfying and stable source of income. The average monthly earnings in this position amount to around PLN 10,000. However, the remuneration in this case depends on many factors, especially on the experience of the trainer, his specialization (the larger the niche and the more demanding the industry, the greater the value of the course), as well as the location in which he operates.

The type of training is also important – conducting original trainings involves greater responsibility, but usually offers the opportunity for higher earnings than, for example, trainings at universities. Additionally, own trainings do not necessarily have to be associated with time-consuming and laborious organization. By renting professional training rooms at Idea Place, you not only get a fully equipped space in the center of Wrocław, but also comprehensive support from our staff.

A professional training room is essential for both stationary courses and trainings organized remotely, e.g. in the form of webinars, which are a modern and increasingly popular solution in the training market. It should be remembered that although webinar participants can join from anywhere – you, as the host, should ensure appropriate conditions to gain a professional image. At Idea Place, we will also ensure the high quality of your training – we guarantee high-quality equipment and technical support in case of any problems.

Are you looking for a way to increase the effectiveness of your training? We have a solution for this – a modern and tailored to your individual needs training room is a guarantee of comfort and an atmosphere inspiring to learn!