When founding a company or deciding to expand an existing business to new locations, one of the key tasks is choosing the right office space. However, not everyone can design an office from scratch, and even if they could, such a solution is not always optimal in terms of finances and time. Therefore, many entrepreneurs decide to rent an office, which requires a creative approach to its arrangement so that it promotes effective work and at the same time provides a comfortable place for employees to spend their time in. Arranging an office in a rented space can be a challenge, but also an opportunity for creative use of available possibilities and resources.

How to tackle this issue and skillfully combine the functionality of an office with its aesthetics, especially when we are bound by limitations resulting from the lease agreement? Check out our practical tips on how to arrange an office in rented space

Plans for organizing office space and optimizing work

When renting office space, it is natural to expect that some things cannot be changed. However, it is still worth examining the organization of the room and looking for possibilities for even more efficient use of every available square meter. Creating an ergonomic work environment that considers the needs of employees and the specifics of their duties has a significant impact on their productivity and job satisfaction

Arrangement of a small office and efficiency

Skillful use of available office space is particularly important in the case of small offices. With limited square footage, it’s worth focusing not only on the aesthetics and design of the office but also on its functionality, which is essential for effective work. It is worth considering, for example, the use of multifunctional furniture and open shelves, which – instead of bulky, heavy cabinets or desks – will visually enlarge the room, providing a comfortable workspace. Light colors of walls and furniture will also create an impression of more space. 

Visual arrangement of the office – colors and decorations conducive to concentration

The organization of office space is of great importance for the comfort of employees. An office characterized by a high level of aesthetics and ergonomics is the key to effective work in professional conditions that allow for maximum focus. How to achieve this when renting an office? When revolutionary changes in the arrangement are not an option, it is worth focusing on perhaps seemingly minor changes that can significantly improve the daily comfort of employees and, thus, their productivity. 

Access to natural light

Properly planned lighting is essential in every office and is one of the most important points during its arrangement. The most desirable would be constant access to natural light, which is not always possible due to variable weather conditions or limitations resulting from the layout of the room, especially when windows are only on one wall. In such cases, appropriate lighting of workspaces becomes crucial, providing uniform and pleasant light throughout the office. It is also worth considering additional lamps at each workstation – these types of additions serve practical purposes and can also be a decorative element of the office decor

Color scheme and functionality of the room.

In the context of the functionality of office space, another important aspect is the color scheme of the office. When arranging a workplace, it is worth choosing light colors such as white or pastels, which visually enlarge the space, giving it lightness. Good choices will also be neutral shades of gray or blue tones conducive to concentration

Aesthetic and free space

Orderliness and organization of the office space can significantly affect the efficiency of the team – in general clutter, it is much more difficult to concentrate. Therefore, when arranging an office, it is worth taking care of issues such as document segregation or finding a clever way to organize cables under the desk. These are details that, if properly managed, will help keep the office in an aesthetic order, making it easier for employees to concentrate on their work tasks. 

Conceptual and corrective ergonomics of space

Conceptual ergonomics is an aspect that needs to be taken care of already at the stage of designing the office. Its essence, in practice, comes down to the proper adjustment of workstations (including room size, furniture layout, and lighting) so that they allow for efficient work and eliminate any potential environmental hazards.

On the other hand, corrective ergonomics aims to improve current working conditions – therefore, it is something that can also be taken care of during the office rental. Sometimes even seemingly minor arrangement changes can make the office more functional, comfortable, and enjoyable for employees. 

Acoustics in the room for work comfort

Noise in the workplace is one of the key factors that reduce productivity and job satisfaction. Proper acoustics in the office is therefore essential. It is worth investing in sound-absorbing materials such as acoustic panels, which effectively absorb noise, improving work comfort. This solution may be particularly helpful in open space offices, where many employees work together in one room. In such cases, using acoustic partitions will allow you to create a calm and quiet work area, which will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the team’s efficiency.

Taking care of air quality

Air quality has a significant impact on the health and overall well-being of employees. Regular ventilation of office spaces and air purification using professional equipment is therefore necessary. In this context, plants can also be helpful, as they are not only a decorative element, creating a cozy atmosphere in the office, but also naturally purify the air. Therefore, it’s worth using them! 

Furniture tailored to needs

Working for several hours at the computer is a big challenge for the back, which every office worker certainly understands. To prevent unwanted health problems resulting from prolonged sitting, it is worth investing in ergonomic furniture tailored to the needs of employees. Investing in comfortable chairs and adjustable desks will provide adequate support for the back and an optimal position during work, and the comfort achieved in this way will undoubtedly translate into higher employee productivity

Solutions focused on individual employee needs

Each employee has different preferences and needs for effective work. Therefore, it remains in the employer’s interest to provide their team with appropriate working conditions and the possibility of adapting office space to individual requirements. 

Desk reservation system in open space.

Occupying desks on a “first come, first served” basis can be a source of frustration and dissatisfaction for many employees, which can ultimately lead to decreased motivation. To avoid misunderstandings while meeting the expectations of people working in open spaces, a modern desk reservation system is essential, allowing flexible use of workstations depending on the specific employee’s needs. This solution brings mutual benefits – it streamlines work organization and communication and gives the company greater control over what is happening in the office, without the need for micromanagement.

At Idea Place, we strongly focus on the flexibility of our services, prioritizing the comfort and satisfaction of our clients. Therefore, renting an office with us is based on simple, transparent principles for both parties, respecting the specific needs of your team. 

Dividing zones

When arranging an office, it’s worth creating spaces such as a relaxation area or a meeting zone that will allow employees to easily switch between different types of work. Here, acoustic partitions to define the boundary of the space, separating places where frequent phone calls are made from places requiring silence and peace, can also be helpful. In addition to preparing individual workstations, a comfortable space for collaborative work, e.g., a conference room, where employees can efficiently carry out team projects, should also be planned. 

Employee efficiency and comfortable work environment

Employee efficiency and motivation often depend directly on the comfort of their workspace. Employees spend a significant part of their day in the office – it is the employer’s role to take care of their needs so that they come to work with enthusiasm. A thoughtfully arranged office, addressing the need for ergonomics, comfort, and functionality, can become not only a place of work but also a space for inspiration and creativity for the entire team.

At Idea Place, we provide solutions that will help you achieve this! Our office spaces are professionally furnished and prepared for effective work in the environment of ambitious specialists from various industries.