Passing on tasks is a necessary element in the process of organizing time at a certain stage of business management. In practice, this task often poses difficulties. Many entrepreneurs find help in a virtual assistant. In what tasks can they relieve us, and how can we use their assistance to increase efficiency in the company?

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What is task delegation?

Task delegation, also known as sharing responsibilities and competencies, should not be confused with giving orders, as it also involves taking responsibility for the assigned task. Task delegation should not only cover one-time matters that the manager doesn’t want to do themselves. To optimize time and increase efficiency in business, it should involve cyclical activities and those related to large projects.


Delegating tasks is aimed at improving processes in organizations, thereby bringing benefits and facilitating the work of individual employees at various levels. The main goals of task delegation include:

Delegating tasks to a virtual assistant

Running a company is a constant search for solutions that will improve its operation. One of them is undoubtedly a virtual assistant, a remote assistance for business. A person in such position can take over organizational and administrative duties as well as provide comprehensive support to managers. So, if your company is in a phase of intensive development, and you feel that you need support in the ever-increasing tasks, it is worth considering using remote assistance.

The process of delegating tasks to a virtual assistant is very simple, and the person in this position is distinguished by well-developed competencies, which translate into high-quality of their execution.


By hiring a virtual assistant, you actually gain an additional team member who will wholeheartedly contribute to the development of your organization. A properly implemented and competent virtual assistant is able to replace a full-time office worker and help with tasks such as:


The numerous benefits that result from the support of an experienced and qualified virtual assistant leave no doubt that it is worth considering this option to streamline business operations. Utilizing the support of a specialist in organization and administration allows you to maintain a work-life balance, which ultimately translates into increased efficiency and better results.

By delegating tasks, you gain the opportunity to achieve other goals and thereby increase the efficiency of your company. Working with a virtual assistant is a great solution for entrepreneurs who care about efficient operation and optimizing the time devoted to organizational and administrative matters.

How to prepare for delegating tasks to a virtual assistant?

A key element in preparing for the first meeting with a virtual assistant is analyzing your business needs and identifying tasks that are worth delegating. Make a list of duties in which you expect support and estimate the time required to perform them. Describe in detail the procedure for performing each of them, and also familiarize the virtual assistant with useful tools. The time invested in training the virtual assistant will pay off throughout your further cooperation, so it is worth approaching the initial implementation stage with patience and thorough preparation.

At IdeaPlace, during the first consultation with a virtual assistant, we focus on getting to know the business needs of our client to ensure that we can provide them with proper support.

Problems that may arise when delegating – how to avoid them?

Passing tasks requires commitment from both sides, especially at the beginning of cooperation. To avoid misunderstandings that may arise when assigning your duties, the Client should prepare as best as possible to present their expectations, as well as accurately describe the goal and method of performing them

A common problem when delegating is the inaccurate determination of the time required to perform individual tasks. It is worth delegating tasks taking into account a time buffer in case of necessary corrections or additional consultations with the virtual assistant.

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