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Who we are?

IdeaPlace to wielopłaszczyznowy partner dla biznesu. Promujemy świadome biznesy niezależnie od fazy rozwoju, wartościowe przedsięwzięcia i ciekawych ludzi. Udowadniamy, że niekorporacyjna marka jest wpływowa i silna. Tworzymy specjalistyczne rozwiązania, dzięki którym nasi Klienci mogą skoncentrować się na realizacji swoich celów. Dajemy poczucie komfortu, którego wszyscy przedsiębiorcy chcieliby doświadczyć.

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How we can support you?

Serviced Office

Serviced Office

When you need flexible office options for your business

Virtual Office

Virtual Office

When you want a good address for registering your business

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant

When you want to hand over administrative and organizational matters

Conference rooms

Conference rooms

When you need a good place for a business meeting or training



When you need a quiet place to work in comfortable conditions


Promujemy świadome biznesy, wartościowe marki i ciekawych ludzi

Our clients reviews

We established cooperation with the Incubation and Business Center in the field of office services, as part of which we registered the company at Plac Solny 15 and also we entrusted the circulation of corporate correspondence. The registration process in the necessary institutions went smoothly and without problems, mainly due to many years of experience and the presence of the office on the Wrocław market. A perfect complement to the services offered is the possibility of renting business rooms for hours, both on weekdays and weekends.

Maciej Nawrocki – Member of the Board
Strategiczni Sp. z o.o.

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What you should know

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does IdeaPlace offer?

IdeaPlace offers multifaceted support for entepreneurs. One of our dimensions is broadly related to access to space on flexible terms, under wchich we offer freelancers the use of coworking space, serivced offices dedicated to teams, and space for small business meetings and or trainings. The second level of our activity is remote support, thanks to the provided service, the so-called virtual office and virtual assistant. A wide range of services guarantees comprehensive support.

Why is it worth choosing IdeaPlace?

In addition to the multidisciplinary range of services, which give great comfort to our clients, it is worth emphasizing the significant advantages of IdeaPlace that go beyond our offer. Being in IdeaPlace is primarly an opportunity to meet extraordinary people and businessess, establish important relationships, as well as an opportunity to become part of local business, networking and CSR initiatives. With our presence for over 10 years, we prove that that the non-corporate brand is strong and influential thanks to the fact that we are guided by an individual approach to each of our clients, willingly approaching the service out of the box. In our clients' businesses, we see an important mission to support each company by identifying with its needs and values.

How does your offer differ from the competition?

We provide great flexibility based on the need to easily adapt to the client's preferences and focused on minimizing formalities and on action. We transform values such as originality and high-quality approach in providing solutions into effect. Our offer, compared to the competition, differs in great freedom in establishing cooperation without imposing restrictive obligations. We know how important it is to look at the business through the eyes of the client and to provide him with business care, hospitable atmosphere and effective communication which he will not experience anywhere else.

How can you benefit from networking at Idea Place?

When entering IdeaPlace, you become part of our community, which is a rich network created by domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, public institutions, cooperating partners and a wide range of friends. Access to networking relationships begins with establishing business and social relationships that have the opportunity to happen every day in the office, during organized events, or as a result of conversations, connecting contacts thanks to our Team. We create a number of free and open initiatives, to which everyone who is interested in business development and is focused on participating in networking has access.

What does your event activity look like?

We organize or partner with events dedicated to entrepreneurs, the IT industry and creative industries. We have started adventure with Geek Girsl Carrots, Woman in Technology and Djano Girls. We also hosted initiatives such as Social Media Mail and RushWro. Every year we organize a series of trainings as part of the International Coaching Week and the World Entrepreneurship Week, inviting all residents of Wrocław to participate. As part of our proprietary project "Sztuka w biurze/Art in the office", we have undertaken an extraordinary project in which we exhibit works by Wrocław artists in our office spaces. We actively cooperate with the Wrocław Agglomeration Agency, partner with cyclical meet-ups, the Startup Evolutions event and launching the Creativ Tech Solny initiative, which was aimet at geting to know each other companies located at Plac Solny and encouraging them to establish interesting relationships. We try to support networty projects with interesting substantive value.