A virtual office is a solution that allows for full outsourcing of office services, and its concept was aimed at making it easier for entrepreneurs to work remotely.

But let’s go back to the beginning, to 1994.

The person to whom we owe the virtual office service is Ralph Gregory, a venture capital investor who, despite having his own office, spent most of his time traveling or working from home.

Naturally, this created complications in the exchange of information between Gregory and his company headquarters.

For this reason, the investor has developed a way for his secretary to smoothly transfer phone calls to him, no matter where he is. Shortly after that, he came to the conclusion that such a solution would be willingly used by more entrepreneurs and this is how the virtual office service was created.

In 1995, Ralph Gregory officially changed the industry, establishing a new company – Intelligent Office, which was to provide its clients with a prestigious address where their companies will be formally located and all office services will be focused. In addition, as part of the virtual office service, the Intelligent Office reception was to deal with postal services and providing space for business meetings.

The company operates to this day, and the virtual office service itself is constantly evolving, bringing further additional services included in its composition. In IdeaPlace you will find, for example, a virtual assistant service or the rental of physical space in the form of a coworking space or a serviced office.

So, answering the question, is it possible to use the services of a virtual office while being physically abroad?

Yes, this service was created specifically for entrepreneurs working remotely.

Not only those who are currently on a business trip. A virtual office is a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of modern and international companies.


A virtual office in IdeaPlace is not only about the address and handling of correspondence and calls.

It is primarily the awareness that you have an experienced and professional team at your disposal, which has been committed to providing the best business support for almost 10 years.


Are you setting up a new company?

We will help you through the registration process and support you with business advice. In addition, we can also help you save valuable time by recommending a proven lawyer, accountant and translator.


Your company is planning to open a new branch in Poland?

By choosing IdeaPlace you can be sure that you leave your branch in good hands.

If you need support in administrative matters or you need to settle an issue, you can entrust it to us and not buy tickets to the country unnecessarily.

An additional advantage is our networking network, which enters the online sphere, so it works well in virtual reality, which is so important for people staying outside the company’s premises.


Do you want to optimize costs or tasks?

Virtual office does not mean saying goodbye to office space.


Do you work abroad and occasionally visit Poland or have employees in your country who need space to work?

As part of the virtual office service, you can use a desk in a coworking space and special discounts for business rooms. You do not have to rent and furnish an office for your employee, or worry about where you will receive a client when visiting your country.

What’s more, you can optimize not only the costs associated with renting, but also work.


Do you want to focus on your specialization?

Do you need an office facility that will take care of administrative tasks and help you arrange matters on the spot when you cannot physically appear in the office?


Instead of creating an additional job, use an experienced virtual assistant to whom you can delegate these tasks in a flexible time. When you need it.


A virtual office is an innovative and flexible solution that meets various needs.


Coming back to the question, is it possible to use it while physically abroad?

A virtual office is a service available to every entrepreneur, regardless of where they are located or for what purpose they currently need it.


At IdeaPlace, we try to adapt to the most demanding needs of our clients and provide them with the highest quality virtual office service in Wrocław. That is why we strive to be more than just another classic example of a virtual office. Our mission is to provide real business support for our clients, creating additional solutions along the way, such as, for example, a virtual assistant, but also bearing in mind the real needs of our clients, assuring them of our openness and readiness to take on the challenges they want us to be entrusted with.


You’re interested? If you think that a virtual office is something for you, visit our website www.ideaplace.pl or contact us and we will gladly introduce you to our service.