Remote work is our everyday life today. Many companies give up rented office space and move their business to smaller offices or decide not to rent space at all.

It turns out that in the era of remote work, you can work with the same high efficiency as in the times of attachment to stationary work. This is possible thanks to a well-organized virtual office that will take your company fully into remote operation.


What is a virtual office? 

Let’s start with the basics. Virtual office is a service which enables full outsourcing of office services without the need for the company to be physically present in a given location.

In practice, it is as follows that a company offering a virtual office service provides its clients with an address for registration and handling their correspondence, assuming the basic model. Many offices also offer a number of additional services to improve the remote operation of the company. This is also the case at IdeaPlace, where our clients can use a wide range of additional services whenever they need it and adjust the scope of support to their current needs on an ongoing basis.


Remote business center

In our business center, you can count on the constant support of our team that will help you go through the administrative processes and, if necessary, advise you on choosing a proven accountant or lawyer who will also be able to work with you remotely.

In addition, our flexible approach to the virtual office service will allow you to both optimize your remote work and, if necessary, safely conduct a meeting or work stationary in our professional office space.


Convenient solution during pandemic 

At IdeaPlace, we constantly try to meet the current needs of our clients. This also applies to the way we work during a pandemic and the problems we face today.

Despite the ubiquitous remote work, sometimes there are situations that require us to solve them stationary. We cannot always afford it. Whether it’s for safety reasons, not to put yourself or others at risk when interacting with people, or because of communication problems. That is why we have launched a virtual assistant service for customers who cannot reach the place in person. She works like an ordinary assistant, except that you do not have to open an additional job for her and incur additional employment costs. Our office will provide you with the support of a professional assistant, which you will be able to use only when you need it. Maximum safety and convenience!


When you need a safe space 

If you still need physical office space from time to time, you don’t need to worry.

For those looking for a safe alternative to working from home, coworking will be the solution.

If you need a place with fast internet to conduct a webinar or you are planning a meeting with an important client and want to present your professional image, invite him to a private business room in the center of Wrocław. By using the comfortable option of impersonal rental, you can limit contact with others to a minimum.

Both in the coworking space and business rooms you will always come across a freshly disinfected space and security measures, because your safety is our priority.


Work safely

A virtual office in IdeaPlace is not only a comprehensive approach to the operation of a company remotely. It is also a guarantee of safe work.

We focus primarily on flexibility, which is why for 10 years we have been constantly adapting our services to the current needs of our clients. We strive to provide full comfort – both physically and mentaly. With us, you don’t have to worry about even the most demanding needs. In the times of COVID-19, you can continue to work in full capacity in your virtual business center.