When starting a sole proprietorship, you need to consider the address for registering your company. Due to its numerous advantages, a virtual office is becoming an increasingly recognized service used by small and large businesses. One of its most important benefits is its prestigious location. What significance does this have when running a sole proprietorship? Why is it worth taking advantage of IdeaPlace‘s offer and choosing an address for your company in Wrocław?

Virtual office – service

Sole proprietorship and the address for registering your company — why is it worth moving to a virtual office?

What does registering a sole proprietorship at 15 Plac Solny in Wrocław offer you?

A virtual office is not just a prestigious address. Our experienced team will adapt to your every need to make running your own business easier for you. There is nothing impossible for us.

Plac Solny is one of the most well-known locations in the center of Lower Silesia’s capital. By choosing to use the virtual office service at IdeaPlace, your company will be associated with it. It is a quick way to gain prestige and renown.

Both clients and business partners are needed for the development of a company. We are pioneers in networking practices, so thanks to our contacts, you have the chance to quickly achieve your goals. If you want to visit us in person, we can help you organize a business, integration, or other types of meetings.

You don’t have to register your sole proprietorship at your private address. A virtual address can be the first step in maintaining work-life balance. Work from home, but direct official correspondence to IdeaPlace. If necessary, you can also organize a recruitment interview, client meeting, or even training with us.

Virtual office and the place of business activity

According to the law, the registered office of a company is considered to be a specific locality where the entrepreneur provides their services. The company’s registered office is the place where the company’s documents are located, and it is also the place where tax officials conduct inspections. However, the company’s registered office is not the same as the place of business activity.

The place of business activity is the place where the company’s activities resulting from its business are carried out. It is the exact address under which the activities or services offered by the company are carried out. This is any place, but different from the registered office, of the business activity, which is characterized by sufficient permanence, appropriate technical condition, and personnel background to be able to provide its services. Regardless of the industry, a virtual office is the ideal place to conduct business activity.


You don’t have to limit yourself to the city you live in, or even the country! Think about which location will best present you to your target group. Choose an address that fits the market you want to enter. Virtual offices have the enormous advantage that you can work from anywhere in the world, and the company’s address will remain unchanged.

Don’t worry about receiving mail or visits from officials. When signing the contract, you can give us permission to deal with administrative issues on your behalf. This way, you will have more time to achieve your development goals.

When choosing an address to register your company, you should opt for a trusted place where the price for the service is commensurate with its quality. Thanks to its many years of operation, IdeaPlace has proven to be a brand associated with loyalty, professionalism, and honesty. By choosing our offer, you can count on a flexible and holistic approach to servicing your business.


Not sure where to register your company? Wrocław is a dynamically developing city where there will certainly be a place for your business too. Do you want to learn more and see if a virtual office in this location meets your expectations? Feel free to contact us — by phone, email, or in person. We’re waiting for you!