We decided to take the next step in development of our business-supporting solutions. From now on – at IdeaPlace – you can obtain a qualified electronic signature, which is equivalent to a handwritten signature and accepted for handling most administrative, legal and business matters within the EU. Thus, we provide a professional and secure solution that will definitely facilitate your daily functioning and increase the efficiency of your operations. 

What exactly is an electronic signature?

A qualified electronic signature is a digital record of information about the identity of its owner. This data is recorded on the certificate, which is given to anyone who wants to make an e-signature. The word “qualified” is very important, meaning that the identity of the person who wants to aquire such a signature will always be verified before he or she obtains it. Its details and data are encrypted and securely stored. In this way, every time you submit an e-signature its validity is verified and your identity will be confirmed.

Why is investing in a qualified electronic signature worth it?

A qualified signature enables electronic circulation of official, HR and business documents. Its use is secure and greatly facilitates daily operations guaranteeing us:

What is the procedure for making a qualified electronic signature?

The basis for starting the process of making a qualified electronic signature is to choose the type of signature adequate to your needs and to fill out an appropriate application. During a visit to IdeaPlace, an authorized and qualified employee will carry out the identity confirmation procedure. After positive verification, the application is sent to Certum by Asseco for processing. The final step is to make payment for the identity confirmation service and the selected type of signature and the issuance (available: 30 minutes / 24h / 7 days). 

What is the procedure for confirming identity? 

Confirmation of identity is an essential element for obtaining a qualified electronic signature. You will need the document that was used to enter data in the application for this process. For a person with Polish citizenship, this is an ID card or passport and in the case of a foreigner it will be a passport. For a signature with company data, the necessary additional documents are: a current National Court Register documentation proving the position held, or a power of attorney and a statement signed by a person authorized to do so. You can arrange the date for confirming your identity with the operator working at the IdeaPlace office. 

Which signature to choose? CERTUM mini on a flash drive or Simply Sign?

When choosing between the type of qualified electronic signature, it is important to take into account its characteristics and how it is used. Qualified electronic signatures are available in two variants: 

What makes up the price of a qualified electronic signature?

There are two key factors to consider that determine the final cost of the chosen solution: 

The choice of the type of signature (Simply Sign / Certum Mini) and its validity period (1 year / 2 years / 3 years). The time of issuance of the signature, i.e. the speed of issuance of the certificate by Certum (available variants 30 minutes/24 hours/7 days).

Who uses a qualified electronic signature?

Anyone who seeks to optimize activities regardless of the area of life. Qualified electronic signature is currently associated as a tool for doing things online, which confirms the authorship of a document while taking full responsibility for it. 

We may want to point out some of the most important groups that use qualified electronic signatures on a daily basis: 

It can be assumed that the electronic signature will become an increasingly popular form for signing electronic documents, due to the fact that more and more things are being done online and the level of security that this form of document transmission provides. As a result, defining a group of recipients will no longer make sense, as everyone will be a holder of such a version of the signature. 

So, if you too are looking to streamline your operations and are considering investing in a modern tool that facilitates functioning not only in business, but also in everyday life, visit IdeaPlace.