The decision to open a new branch of a company is an important stage in the development of any business. For entrepreneurs, this is usually a moment that evokes strong emotions and – as a step towards effective development, expansion, and greater business success – promises new, previously unavailable opportunities. However, it is worth realizing that a new branch of the company is also a serious challenge that requires proper planning, resource management, and careful analysis. The most important question that individual business owners face at that time is: how to effectively open a new branch of the company, while minimizing the associated risk? The answer may be a serviced office. By using the services offered by offices such as Idea Place, you can make the whole process much easier and more profitable. Are you curious how? We answer!

Why opening a new branch is a step in the right direction?

Wanting to conquer new markets certainly does not require starting another company – sometimes just launching an additional branch is enough. Thinking about creating a new branch of an institution usually indicates that the company is being run correctly and is developing vigorously. Behind this idea lies the chance to gain new markets, reach new groups of customers, and consequently increase existing financial profits. A company branch in a new city or country is therefore a way to effectively expand the scope of activity, build a strong brand, and successively achieve a competitive advantage.

What to analyze before deciding on a new branch?

Opening a new branch of a company is always an important and far-reaching decision that requires a responsible approach and in-depth analysis. To minimize the risk of costly mistakes and increase the chance that the new branch will actually contribute to the success of the company, it is worth carefully analyzing several key factors.


In business, great attention is undoubtedly paid to details – some of them, although inconspicuous, can have an extremely significant impact on the company’s reputation and the way it is perceived by customers or potential business partners. One such factor often turns out to be the address of the company’s headquarters. Where a given company is located has a significant impact on the overall image of the organization and its recognizability.

If your company’s headquarters are located in a prestigious office complex located in a representative part of a large city, close to the center and in the immediate vicinity of important business and cultural centers, this fact will certainly have a positive effect on your image as an entrepreneur. Renting a traditional office that meets these criteria, however, is usually a huge expense that many companies, especially start-ups, cannot afford. In this case, serviced offices turn out to be a great alternative, offering a number of benefits that are not available when renting traditional office spaces.

At Idea Place, we guarantee:


A new branch of the company and expansion into previously unexplored markets is an opportunity to meet a business niche or unique customer needs that are not available elsewhere. However, introducing a product or service to a new market is a multifaceted process that requires advanced analysis. Without a detailed strategy, all actions will be chaotic and ill-considered, which can jeopardize the company’s success. The basis is to develop a target group and determine issues such as:

The solution offered must primarily meet a specific need – if this condition is not met, it may turn out that all the effort associated with creating a new branch has gone to waste, and what the company offers does not meet the market’s interest. Therefore, conduct a thorough market analysis, competition, and the needs of potential customers, making sure that there is sufficient demand for what you propose.


The decision to open another branch of the company is inevitably accompanied by the need to build a new team, which involves hiring additional employees. In order for the organization to function effectively, not only specialists or operational employees are needed, but also qualified administrative staff. You don’t have to worry about the latter at all if you take advantage of the services offered by serviced offices.
At Idea Place, we guarantee a rich package of additional services, which form the basis for the effective functioning of your company. We provide professional administrative assistance, cleaning services, ongoing support in problematic situations, and the possibility of using a virtual office or cooperating with a qualified virtual assistant. This means that you don’t have to waste time or money on the time-consuming process of recruiting additional employees or organizing new jobs.

Why are serviced offices a good solution?

Opening a new branch is associated with many challenges, in the face of which the support offered by serviced offices can significantly facilitate the entire process. Why?


The decision to launch another branch of the company in a new city is often due to the fact that a small team is already working in a given location. In this case, the employer needs to organize suitable workspace for them. Then a serviced office turns out to be the fastest and most cost-effective solution.

Serviced offices at Idea Place are a professional, fully equipped office space, ready to work from day one. This means that you don’t have to invest funds in furniture and necessary office equipment or spend time on renovation and preparation of the rooms. By using our offer, you gain access to a complete, modern infrastructure fully adapted to the needs of your team. If necessary, you also have access to professional conference and business rooms.

What is additionally important when you create a new branch is that serviced offices provide great flexibility – both in terms of space arrangement and rental terms. We understand that when opening a new branch, the company operates in conditions of uncertainty, and its needs can change dynamically, which is why by choosing our serviced offices, you can rent the necessary space without the need to sign long-term contracts. By choosing Idea Place, you only pay for what you actually use for the period you need.


You can also count on numerous conveniences when using serviced offices. While renting a traditional office, you have to take care of all administrative matters yourself, organizing the front desk secretary, technical service, or cleaning company, while at Idea Place, you get all this as standard. This allows you to devote your valuable time to fully focus on running your business and achieving further business goals!

Tools and strategies for managing a remote team

In a situation where the market is rapidly changing, modern business looks different than just a few/fewteen years ago, and remote work is becoming increasingly ubiquitous, running a company and effectively managing a remote team is no longer a problem today. Serviced offices are also a significant facilitation in this respect. Firstly, they provide professional mail handling, and secondly, they create excellent working conditions for dispersed teams and help build organizational culture.

How to effectively promote the branch in a new location?

Renting a serviced office such as the ones offered by Idea Place can be a strategic step when opening a branch in a new location. Why? Primarily due to access to a rich network of contacts and excellent knowledge of the local market.

What’s more, coworking services for companies are an ideal opportunity to meet other industry specialists and establish valuable business relationships that may translate into fruitful cooperation in the future. In this respect, Idea Place certainly stands out on the market. By running our offices, we place a great emphasis on networking and building lasting relationships with our clients and partners. For over a decade, we have been trying to create a place that connects different industries and businesses, inspiring the exchange of experiences and ideas. By becoming a part of it, you can also ensure effective promotion of your company and increase its recognizability in the new market.