Inefficient use of available office space along with huge amounts of energy consumed are problems many companies face. These issues lead to others: besides the lack of comfort at work, the growing corporate costs resulting from lacking office management should be pointed out primarily. How to deal with this? The answer may be renting a smart office.

 What are the assumptions behind a smart office?

Smart office is a relatively new concept focused on the modern needs of the market, where reducing business costs while simultaneously increasing employee productivity is necessary to maintain profitability at the desired level.

Smart office spaces are designed to use available technology to increase work comfort and effectively optimize corporate processes. The basis for achieving these goals is modern software and applications that support efficient office management. Such prepared office space has the chance to become a place of inspiration and creativity for employees, for whom working in the conditions offered by a smart office will no longer be just a duty but also a source of pleasure and satisfaction.

What is a smart office and what are its benefits?

Offices organized in the spirit of the smart office concept allow companies to effectively automate processes, improve communication, and streamline collaboration. The undeniable advantage of this type of office space is greater convenience in performing daily tasks – if only because intelligent solutions guarantee employees optimal conditions for efficient work. For business owners, implementing office technology is an effective way to better utilize space, resulting in significant savings.

How to save energy in the office with smart office?

As mentioned, the essence of smart offices lies in the gradual implementation of advanced technologies allowing energy and resource savings. However, introducing modern systems for companies renting offices can be a challenge. However, there are creative ways to make even such office space smarter.


Lighting in the office is an important element affecting the team’s work comfort. Insufficient light or tiring, eye-irritating lighting are factors that can have a very negative impact on employee efficiency. Inadequately planned lighting can also expose a company to significant costs, which could easily be avoided by using intelligent lighting systems. Therefore, this is an essential element of equipment for any smart office space and one of the key conveniences for employees.

Furthermore, modern solutions such as motion sensors or systems for automatic regulation of light intensity and temperature allow adjusting lighting to the time of day, the number of people currently working, or the team’s individual preferences.


A common problem among companies, for example, those working in a hybrid model, is inefficient management of office space, where a certain number of workstations remain unused most of the time. This situation exposes the company to specific financial losses related to wasting energy on unnecessary lighting and air conditioning of empty rooms.

To prevent this, intelligent offices use systems that allow reducing the temperature in a given room depending on the number of employees present in the office. Platforms allowing easy management of meetings, reservation of space, and current monitoring of their occupancy are also helpful.


An important element of a smart office is also the concern for adequate acoustic conditions in the office. By using solutions such as partitions, acoustic booths, or sound-absorbing panels, it is possible to effectively reduce noise, improve work comfort, and enable employees to focus on their daily tasks. Another idea that can significantly increase employee efficiency and concentration is mobile partition walls providing greater privacy.


How to create an office of the future that will be professional and comfortable for employees, and at the same time, cost-effective and financially optimal? The answer to this problem turns out to be technology.


Access to data in the cloud is an important aspect in terms of secure and uninterrupted data flow. Efficient communication is essential when the team works remotely or in a hybrid model, not being in the same office all the time. Thanks to cloud implementation, all employees have continuous access to necessary data and documents, which they can use from any place and device, increasing their work efficiency.


Practically every office needs a dedicated space for important business meetings, workshops, or training sessions for employees. Also for this reason, at Idea Place, we offer our Clients the possibility of renting professional conference rooms, which will allow efficiently achieving the indicated goals.

Such space should be equipped with technological solutions worthy of a smart office. This mainly concerns audio devices such as microphones, conference speakers, or advanced video conferencing systems, which enable uninterrupted conducting of meetings and training sessions even remotely.


Today, employee wellness counts perhaps more than ever before. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of work comfort from the very beginning. Therefore, when arranging an office, it is essential to equip it with ergonomic furniture ensuring comfort and maintaining the correct posture during long hours of work at the computer.

In a smart office, there should be no lack of properly profiled chairs, adjustable desks, or increasingly popular standing desks. In order to effectively manage space, it is also worth investing in folding conference tables, which will allow flexible adaptation to various organizational needs.

It is also good to include separate relaxation areas where employees can relax during breaks. Such a room can be equipped with comfortable soft seating, loungers, hammocks – everything that will relieve the spine and allow for a little relaxation between successive business tasks.

A modern office in any space

Not every company has the opportunity to design an office for its team entirely according to its own vision. For many, such a solution is not only too costly but also very time-consuming. However, selected smart office elements improving employee comfort can be successfully introduced even in a rented office space. At Idea Place, we emphasize the flexibility of the services we offer, adapting them to the individual needs of our Clients, thus creating conditions for effective work.