The popularity that hybrid work has gained over the past three years also means that both office owners and their tenants are forced to plan and organize office space more consciously. Skillfully determining the way the office will be used, as well as its arrangement and the resources needed in this regard, is an opportunity to optimize costs and increase efficiency – something every entrepreneur strives for. Check out how to estimate the cost of renting an office and what to pay attention to in order to choose the optimal solution for your business.

Average rental prices for office space in Poland

The Polish commercial real estate market is not homogeneous, which means that prices of offices for rent can vary significantly depending on the location, available amenities, the standard offered and additional services. Market data for the last quarter of 2023 shows that rates in the most prestigious office buildings in the capital ranged from 18 to even 27 EUR/sqm. per month. Slightly lower rents can be expected by choosing an office outside the city center, where prices range from 10 to 16 EUR/sqm. per month. Similarly, in other, smaller cities than Warsaw, for example, in Wrocław, the price range for renting office space remains at the level of 12 to 15 EUR/sqm.

How to estimate the rental price of office space for your company?

After the COVID-19 pandemic, during which many workers had to suddenly switch to remote work, a large part of companies decided not to return to the office — at least not fully — but instead to combine remote work with stationary work. With the proliferation of new work models and the development of tools to streamline its organization, employers are now able to predict much better, what kind of office space they need.

As a result, a trend towards gradually reducing office spaces has been observed on the market for some time now. This can be noticed, for example, in Warsaw, where the average area of newly rented offices is decreasing year by year – while before the pandemic it was over 1000 sqm, in 2023 it was already around 800 sqm. The development of coworking office spaces has a significant impact on these statistics, offering not only workspace but also increasingly desirable flexibility among companies.

By using spaces such as Idea Place, an entrepreneur does not risk having to regularly pay for space that remains unused for a significant amount of the time. The budget saved this way can be redirected to the development of their business, and thanks to the flexible terms of the contract, they do not feel the pressure of a serious financial commitment associated with traditional rental office space.

What affects the renting price of an office space?

When considering renting an office for your company, a key issue is to accurately estimate the costs. Some of the crucial factors to be considered beforehand are the area of the premises, location, the standard of the facility, or available amenities. All of this has a significant impact on the final price of renting an office space.

The final location of the office

The location of the office is important for at least two reasons: accessibility and identitye. An address in the city center not only ensures convenient access to the office and the immediate vicinity of important business and cultural centers but also builds a professional image of the company as a modern establishment.

However, the more prestigious the location, the higher the rental price, which for many organizations – especially those starting out – proves to be prohibitive. Cost disparities can be seen both between large and slightly smaller cities, as well as between individual districts within one city. When renting a traditional office in an attractive area exceeds the budgetary capabilities of the company, coworking remains a financially viable alternative.

The size of the office for a large and small team

Many companies, especially those working in a hybrid system, do not fully utilize their office space. For dispersed teams, implementing modern work models, maintaining a traditional office often proves to be inefficient.

The same applies to startups and newly emerging businesses, which typically operate in conditions of great uncertainty, with their situation subject to dynamic changes. In such cases, the primary need in terms of rental office space is the flexibility of the contract.

Because of that, at Idea Place, we do not bind our clients with rigid, long-term contracts, but we give them the opportunity to adjust the service to their current situation and changing needs.

Source of rental – private individual or a company?

Renting an office from a private individual may sometimes be associated with slightly lower costs, but this does not necessarily mean that it will be the optimal solution for every business. By opting for the rental of professional space in places such as Idea Place, the entrepreneur receives a guarantee of professional service and more comprehensive support to streamline daily business management.

Rental price and important amenities

When choosing an office for your team, you should consider the available amenities, which can significantly affect the comfort of work and the cost of renting office space.

Flexible lease agreement

We have already written about flexibility several times, and not without reason. For over a decade, we have been shaping Wrocław’s flexible rental market, which is why we understand the needs of modern entrepreneurs perfectly and do our best to meet them. A lease agreement on flexible terms means greater freedom, while limiting the risk associated with long-term financial commitment.

Access to meeting rooms

Easy access to conference and training rooms can be an important factor for companies that occasionally need to hold face-to-face meetings with clients, business partners, or conduct training for employees. Such infrastructure can also significantly increase the company’s prestige in the eyes of contractors. Therefore, access to professional, fully furnished and equipped conference rooms is perceived as a significant advantage of coworking at Idea Place by our clients.

Business support of a virtual assistant

An additional service that is not readily obtainable when renting a traditional office is the support of a virtual assistant. This is a great solution for entrepreneurs who do not want to waste time on tedious administrative tasks and daily duties, while wanting to be sure that their company’s affairs are in trusted hands. By using the services of a virtual assistant, as an owner, you can focus entirely on strategic activities from the perspective of your business, without worrying about time-consuming formalities and daily tasks.

Space standard and office rental prices

When considering what determines the price of renting an office space, you cannot ignore the issue of the facility’s standard itself. Modern offices with a high standard (access to a front office, common areas, and other attractive amenities) are obviously more expensive but also providing greater comfort while working.

Air conditioning – work comfort

Air conditioning in the office is a necessity nowadays. Comfortable working conditions directly affect the efficiency of employees and their level of concentration on daily tasks. Every modern office space should be equipped with an air conditioning system – such spaces are much more competitive in the rental market.

Full furniture and equipment at no additional cost

One of most significant criterion for choosing office space turns out to be its furniture and equipment. By renting an office at Idea Place, the entrepreneur receives everything for the use of their team, thereby freeing themselves from the need to incur additional costs associated with the purchase and delivery of furniture.

Regular cleaning service

When renting an office, it is also worth paying attention to whether the renting price includes a professional cleaning service. Maintaining order in the workplace affects both the comfort of work and the company’s image in the eyes of clients and employees.

Access to utilities

Access to utilities and fast internet is an essential element of an office that allows for its efficient functioning. Therefore, it is important to check whether the office rental price includes all the necessary utilities, thus avoiding an unpleasant surprise in the form of unexpected additional costs