Every entrepreneur who has established their own business understands the significant role that a company address plays in its ongoing operations. It’s not just a place where correspondence is received, but also a business card for the company, influencing its image, prestige, and even interactions with potential clients. So, how should you choose a business address to reap business benefits?

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Company Headquarters vs. Company Address

The headquarters of a company is defined as the specific location where the entrepreneur performs their services, whereas the company address is the street, building number, and unit number listed in the National Court Register (KRS).

According to the law, every business established in Poland must have a headquarters, with one exception. A permanent headquarters is not necessary if the services provided are mobile, meaning the entrepreneur will perform them at clients’ locations scattered across various cities or regions.

For sole proprietorships, the business owner does not need to specify a headquarters. Instead, they should select the option “No permanent place of business” on the application for entry into the Central Registration and Information on Business (CEIDG). However, there is still a requirement to provide an address for receiving official correspondence and storing documents (which can be different from the business’s headquarters address).


Company headquarters must be designated by entrepreneurs operating as a civil or commercial partnership. For a civil partnership, the headquarters is the address where the business is conducted. In a commercial partnership, the application to the KRS must specify the town where the management is located. Here, the headquarters refer to the place where the company’s management resides.


As mentioned earlier, the headquarters is where the management is located. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that clients are served at this location. The regulations define the place of business as the exact address where the company performs its activities or services. This can be any place, distinct from the headquarters, that has sufficient stability, appropriate technical conditions, and personnel to perform its services.

How to Choose a Business Address and Does It Matter?

The business address is crucial not only for business reasons but also for accounting purposes and completing formalities. Official correspondence will be sent to the address listed in the National Court Register, so it should be a place where mail is regularly collected and, if necessary, stored.

It’s also important to remember that an appropriate business address can attract new clients and positively impact the business’s image. A company located in a prestigious area instills trust and offers numerous opportunities for business development.

How to Register a Business Address?

An entrepreneur who operates from a fixed location should register the address of their permanent place of business with the CEIDG. This place can be specified by a precise address or another, less typical location that needs to be thoroughly described.

If the business involves frequent changes of location or is mobile, there is no need to specify a permanent business address. In this case, the entrepreneur should choose the option “no permanent place of business” on the CEIDG application. The only required address is one for receiving correspondence, such as the entrepreneur’s residence or a virtual office if they opt for this service.


Given the nature of many businesses whose services are provided in various locations or online, and the rising costs of office rentals, many people choose to register their business at their home address. This solution undoubtedly saves time and money, offers flexibility and comfortable working conditions, but also comes with significant downsides. A home-based business can face complex cost accounting and reduced privacy. Moreover, the image of a business registered at home might be perceived as less credible and prestigious. Additionally, working from home can limit networking opportunities and make it challenging to maintain a work-life balance.


Renting a dedicated space for registering a business provides independence, comfort, and the possibility of accommodating multiple employees. However, this option is expensive, especially at the beginning of the business journey. It also involves significant responsibility and the need to have someone at the office to collect correspondence. Many young entrepreneurs and companies working entirely remotely forgo this solution due to its risks and costs.


When the disadvantages of renting a full office space and registering the business at home outweigh the advantages, many entrepreneurs turn to the virtual office service. This solution is especially appreciated by freelancers and small to medium-sized business owners. Registering your company at a virtual office provides an address in a prestigious location and access to assistant services. A virtual office ensures that your business matters are under control, even if you work from the other side of the country or the world.

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