The virtual office service consists primarily in providing an address for company registration and correspondence handling. It is obvious that for image reasons, the location of your company is important, but it is also important that you have convenient access to it.

This is where IdeaPlace comes in, offering a virtual office service in the very center of the Wrocław market. However, the e-office at IdeaPlace is not only a prestigious location. It is a flexible and comprehensive service that brings many advantages for your business. 


Remote business support

If you are on a daily basis in a different city or even country than your company’s headquarters, you do not have to bother with arrivals in every, even the least urgent matter that cannot be handled remotely. You also don’t have to increase your costs by creating a new job for an on-site assistant. Instead, you can use the additional service of a virtual assistant. It is literally your personal support, with the difference that they are not employed full-time in your company, but simply provide you with their services only when you need it. Full convenience and saving time and money.


Greater work efficiency

Are you tired of administrative work? At IdeaPlace, our qualified team will take care of them for you. Receiving and sending correspondence, organizing meetings and professional service for your clients – you can entrust all of this to us, while you are fully devoted to your work. Guided by our many years of experience, we try to provide you with full business support in various areas, so that you can focus on what is most important.


Access to proven specialists

If you are setting up a new company or have been in Wrocław for a short time, choosing among the countless offers of specialists may overwhelm you. However, you don’t have to waste your time searching for them on your own. IdeaPlace has been operating on the Wrocław market for almost 10 years, so we can confidently support the development of your business by recommending a trusted and proven specialist. Our team can boast of a wide range of business contacts, both outside and inside our community, of which you become a part by registering your company on the Wrocław market.


Full comfort of work in each of its models

IdeaPlace is not only a virtual office, but also an office space for rent. When registering a company in Solny Square, you do not have to limit yourself only to remote work, but you also have access to office space in this location at any time.

Would you like to work stationary for a while? Then we recommend using a desk in a coworking space.
Do you need a place for a business meeting? Invite your client to the business room in the center of Wrocław, where you can count on professional service from our team.

Everything in a prestigious location, which you can reach from every part of the city, surrounded by numerous bars and restaurants, and by the Wrocław market, which you can visit on your way to or from work.


Comprehensive support tailored to your needs

The virtual address in IdeaPlace is more than just a place to register a company. With it, you gain access to a wide range of additional services, which you can use whenever you need. Through our flexible approach, we try to provide your company with work at the highest level and in full comfort.

We treat each of our clients individually and with the highest quality of service and professionalism. So if you need to register a company without having to rent an office or are looking for a solution that will improve its operation, choose a virtual address in the center of Wrocław, at IdeaPlace.