Lawyers who want to effectively run their own business have the opportunity to use the virtual office service. Thanks to this modern solution, entrepreneurs gain not only a prestigious company address or professional mail handling but also access to a range of additional services necessary for efficient business management. A virtual office is also an excellent alternative to registering a company at home orin a long-term (and usually very expensive) office rental. Are you a novice lawyer or legal advisor and have doubts about whether a virtual office will be a good choice for you? Check out how Idea Place services can effectively facilitate your daily tasks!

Is a virtual office for a lawyer a good solution?

A virtual office is a solution created for entrepreneurs for whom long-term rental of traditional office space turns out to be unprofitable or even – due to limited funds – completely impossible. It is increasingly used not only by programmers, freelancers, or recruiters but also by lawyers and legal advisors looking for a financially advantageous alternative to classic office buildings.

As is well known, renting an entire office is a costly and risky decision, especially at the beginning of a business. A young lawyer, wanting to start working on their own account, must take into account not only the high price of rent (which, in the case of modern office complexes located in the center of a large city, can really be surprising) but also the costs associated with equipping and furnishing the premises or employing administrative staff. These are expenses that only a small part of debutant lawyers and legal advisors can afford at the beginning of their activity. At the same time, opening a law firm at home, although successfully eliminating the need to engage large sums of money, brings other problems in return. These include logistical and organizational issues and, above all, the ethical rules of the lawyer’s profession, which are difficult to meet in home conditions.

Meanwhile, a virtual office for a lawyer is a modern solution that effectively solves all these problems, providing not only a prestigious company address but also a professional place for occasional meetings with clients in safe and fully confidential conditions.

Matching the solution for lawyers

As a lawyer, you should take special care of your professional image, which directly translates into the trust of clients. Therefore, a significant advantage of a virtual office, highly valued among people in the legal industry, is the possibility of registering a company at a prestigious address.

By using the Idea Place offer, you gain an attractive registered office address at Plac Solny 15 in Wrocław – a place recognizable on the map of the capital of Lower Silesia with strategic importance from a business perspective. By using it in business correspondence or placing it on your business card, you raise the status of your law firm, and your clients receive a signal that they have chosen a professional who takes their business seriously.

At Idea Place, we also guarantee flexibility and an offer fully tailored to your individual requirements. By choosing to work with our office, you also gain the certainty that you will pay only for what you need and what you actually use.


As mentioned, a virtual office can be a great solution for lawyers, but you should first take care of several important requirements arising directly from the specificity of the lawyer’s profession. The key risk in this case is the challenges associated with responsible mail handling.

We know that document confidentiality is a matter of paramount importance for the effective operation of any law firm and at the same time the most crucial part of daily administrative duties. That is why at Idea Place, we employ highly qualified, properly trained staff who ensure the highest standards of office service every day, ensuring compliance with procedures with applicable regulations.


A lawyer is obliged to keep secret everything they have learned in connection with providing legal assistance. This imposes particularly rigorous and thorough handling of all document circulation – at Idea Place, we will make this task easier for you, ensuring full confidentiality.

We also remember that lawyers often need a separate space for meetings with clients. For this reason, we provide access to professional conference rooms, allowing you to maintain the desired discretion and guaranteeing comfortable conditions for both you and your clients.


Dealing with professional mail handling, we understand how important it is to maintain data confidentiality and properly secure it against accidental or deliberate disclosure. Therefore, we have developed detailed internal procedures that organize all actions taken by our expert team and ensure our clients proper protection of personal data. Additionally, we have modern infrastructure and specialized software guaranteeing a high level of data security.

Is a virtual office legal?

A virtual office is a fully legal service that is gaining popularity among a growing group of entrepreneurs. However, this solution still remains an unconventional way of conducting business, which requires specific guidelines set by the tax office – but you don’t have to worry about that. At Idea Place, we will professionally take care of all formalities so that you can calmly enjoy the benefits that the virtual office service will bring you!