Limited liability companies are the most popular type of commercial companies in Poland. What are its characteristics and how to set up your own company?


What is a limited liability company?

According to the definition, a limited liability company is a capital commercial company with legal personality. What does this mean in practice?

To put it simply, it is a form of business in which the partners are not liable for the company’s obligations with their own assets. The exception to this, however, is when they are board members. The only risk for the founder of LLC is his own contribution.

Limited liability company  may be established for any legally permissible purpose by one or more partners, however, it may not be established solely by another one-person limited liability company. Its founder can be anyone regardless of their place of residence or citizenship. The only requirement is to bring in a minimum capital of PLN 5,000. PLN.

Registering a company is as simple as its operating principles. This can be done in the traditional way by means of a notarial deed or in electronic form on the S24 platform.


The process of establishing a limited liability company

The process of establishing a company is divided into four stages:


As shareholders, the partners are responsible only for the capital they have contributed. The company and the management board are responsible for the liabilities with all its assets.



The last and most important step that formally gives the company its subjectivity. Registration of a limited liability company in the National Court Register, you can do it both physically and online, but both methods require prior and thorough preparation of documents, and sometimes, unfortunately, they can also cause difficulties during this process.

The most common mistakes when registering with the National Court Register include, for example, the name of a company that is already in the register or the lack of a registered office.

For people who have difficulties with the lack of a registered address, we recommend the rental service of the prestigious Solny Square 15 address in the center of Wrocław, commonly referred to as a virtual office, which has specialized for a decade by providing a flexible form of remote support for entrepreneurs.


Is it worth establishing a limited liability company?

If your business fits well with its specifics, then yes! There is a reason why it is the most frequently chosen form of activity in Poland.

It is the safest and most profitable option for businesses with financial risk, but also for those who simply want to have a “safe door” in the form of no loss in the event of termination of operations. In addition, the limited liability company also relieves its partners from paying ZUS contributions, which are a frequent nuisance for novice entrepreneurs and gives you full control over your business.

Do these features and specificity meet your needs?

The process of establishing a limited liability company is not complicated, especially in the era of the Internet and the possibility of starting a business without leaving your home. Nevertheless, we recommend that you contact a lawyer or accountant during this process, who will help streamline the process and even better explore the topic, because each case should be considered individually. This short guide we presented today is basic knowledge and just the tip of the iceberg of limited liability companies!