Starting a business is a significant moment for any entrepreneur, involving a considerable amount of formalities and administrative matters. Therefore, individuals interested in registering a company should consider assistance in setting up a business, which can be provided not only by accounting offices but also by virtual office services. Where and how to seek support to ensure the registration process goes smoothly and quickly?

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Starting a Business – Where to Begin?

To start a sole proprietorship, you must submit an application for entry into the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG). This can be done by mail at the municipal or city office, or online. In any case, registration of a sole proprietorship is free. Importantly, the CEIDG application also serves as an application for a NIP and REGON number, allowing the entrepreneur to avoid the need for a personal visit to the tax office and the Central Statistical Office.

To ensure all information is entered correctly from the start, it’s worthwhile to seek help from specialists in this field, who can be found not only in accounting and bookkeeping offices but also in virtual offices.


The most convenient way to start a sole proprietorship is to do it online. The system automatically checks the correctness and completeness of the application, minimizing the risk of errors.

To register a company online, go to, then click “Submit CEIDG application,” “Register a company in CEIDG,” and “Start.” The next step is to log in using a Trusted Profile or e-ID and follow the on-screen instructions.

The electronic form must be signed with a Trusted Profile or a qualified signature. The business can be conducted immediately after submitting the application for entry into CEIDG. The company data will appear in the register no later than the next business day.


When deciding to start a sole proprietorship, it is also worth choosing an appropriate accounting office to help manage the company’s finances. Finding an accounting office during the preparation phase is crucial because the registration form requires a declaration of where the company’s financial documentation will be stored. If the entrepreneur does not fill in this information when submitting the application, they will need to update it as soon as possible.

Accounting services, which are also provided by virtual offices, relieve many obligations and help avoid potential errors in self-prepared settlements, making them an excellent solution, especially for young entrepreneurs.


Among the costs of running a sole proprietorship are Social Insurance Institution (PL — ZUS) contributions, which include:

Companies starting their business or who closed their previous business at least 60 months earlier and do not plan to provide services to their former employer within the first six months of business can take advantage of the “Startup Relief.” This relief exempts them from paying social insurance contributions, including pension, disability, accident insurance, Labor Fund, and Solidarity Fund.


For sole proprietors, the appropriate tax office for VAT settlements is the one corresponding to the taxpayer’s place of residence, the same as for income tax settlements. It’s essential to remember that if the entrepreneur changes their residence during the tax year, the tax office responsible for settlements will also change. At this point, it’s worth considering registering the company at the virtual office address, which remains unchanged.

Where to Look for Help in Starting a Business?

All administrative matters related to starting a business require meticulousness, time, and legal knowledge. Assistance in setting up a business is often essential. Wrocław, which many people choose as their place of business registration, offers many opportunities for supporting young entrepreneurs.

Besides help from online accounting services or an accounting office, it’s worth taking advantage of the solutions offered by a virtual office. Every entrepreneur can not only register their business here and get help with setting up a sole proprietorship but also count on support at further stages of running it.


A virtual office provides indispensable support for most novice entrepreneurs. Assistance with setting up a sole proprietorship, formalities and paperwork, as well as the possibility of registering the company at the virtual office’s address, are significant advantages of this solution, which are not found in any accounting office. A virtual office ensures that our business is in good hands.
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