9:00 - 17:00

Coworking: 24/7

phone: +48 71 34 09 200
fax: +48 71 34 09 201
e-mail: office@ideaplace.pl

Wynajem biura we Wrocławiu

Perfect workspace for your team!

Are you looking for a flexible offer adjusted to your needs? Check out our office rooms!

  • Great location, easy access and many restaurants in the area 
  • Individual rooms in the city centre with 24/7 access 
  • Full equipment and a shared kitchen space 
  • Support of a professional secretariat in the rental price 
  • Support for start-up companies and flexible cooperation 
Here you can find the perfect space for your team which you can adjust to your needs. We provide you with a prestigious location on the Solny Square, fully furnished rooms, access to the equipped kitchen and bathroom, and above all - a creative space in which not only one Wrocław business has grown!

You do not have to believe us, but listen to what others have to say about us:

While visiting IdeaPlace, we used a dedicated workspace, which, regardless of the changing factors, was adapted to our needs on a daily basis. (...) This space gives not only perfect technical conditions, but above all business support thanks to the strongly developed community and the openness of other clients to exchange experiences.

Kogena, Dawid Kasprzyk, Board Member Kogena Sp. z o.o.

(...) The time spent at IdeaPlace all our team still recalls with a smile on their faces. All thanks to the friendly atmosphere, numerous integration events and, of course, the relationships we have established during the year of renting office space. (...)

iStone, Tomasz Dyszy, Branch Manager

It was a great idea to switch locations to IdeaPlace. It is an excellent place to move your career forward, start business, spread your wings and develop contacts with newly arrived coworkers.

Axwave, Damian Scavio, CEO of Axwave Inc.

Our offer includes:

  • A comfortable place to work with all the kitchen and sanitary facilities;
  • Dedicated room(s) with access 24/7;
  • Fully equipped office
  • Support of a professional secretariat, including access to all office supplies from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on business days;
  • Great location and easy access;
  • Possibility to place a plate with the company logo;
  • Flexible form of lease, thanks to the monthly period of notice;
  • Cleaning service twice a week;
  • Print up to 500 black and white prints;
  • Access to high-speed Internet;
  • Air conditioning;
  • building security.

Why is it worth to rent an office at IdeaPlace?

Prestigious location

We work in the heart of Wroclaw at Solny Square 15 and here are our spaces. The most professional office for rent could not be placed elsewhere!

Many years of know-how

IdeaPlace is the first professional coworking space in Wrocław for entrepreneurs and independent people. We do not only rent space, but we combine the idea with implementation. Our business network includes experts in many fields. That will allow you to reach the specialists you need, such as accountants, lawyers or translators.

Business network

We focus on people, that's why all serviced offices belong to one community which is IdeaPlace. There are a lot of workshops and meetings at our headquarters, and we organize many events ourselves, thanks to which we have the opportunity to see how ordinary acquaintances can turn into cooperation.

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