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Terms and conditions of service provision - Idea Place



1. These terms and conditions define the rules of provision of services in 'Idea Place' coworking space, located at Plac Solny 15, Wroclaw. Idea Place is run by company: Centrum Inkubacji I Biznesu sp z o.o. (Ltd.) pl. Solny 15 we Wrocławiu (50-062), KRS 0000677768, NIP 8971839784, REGON 367279621, share capital 5 000 PLN, represented by Ewa Rogoz - President of Management Board [(hereinafter referred to as: Idea Place]
2. Idea Place has the right to use the office space located at Plac Solny 15, Wroclaw and to enable registering head office of the entity or place where the natural person runs a business activity
3. The scope, details and terms of service provision are contained in these Terms and conditions and at www.ideaplace.pl website. This information should be assessed together.
4. The ideaplace.pl website uses cookies to collect anonymous statistical data (Google Analytics) and provide basic functionality of the website, including: remembering the user's login, remembering the closing of the cookie message and session files.
5.  In these Terms and Conditions of Service, the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:

  • Coworking office- professionally prepared office space with workstations, meeting rooms and training/workshop rooms prepared for renting.
  • User- natural person running a business being an entrepreneur, organisational unit without legal personality, or legal person who purchase work days to use in a Workplace or purchase the access to Meeting place
  •  Workplace- a surface equipped with separate workstations or workstations at one "coworking" table, which are made available for a specified number of days after the purchase of their respective quantity.
  •  Meeting place - a fully equipped meeting room, designed for a maximum of 6 people and / or a training room for a maximum of 20 people.
  • Work area - Workplace and / or Meeting place



  1. Access to Workplaces, Meeting places and the "Virtual Office" is possible only after registration. Registration process is fulfilled when the registration form is filled in correctly and signed. Registration form contains company registration details or personal data of the prospective User.
  2.  In the process of filling the registration form, the User accepts the content of Terms and Conditions and agree to process the personal data to the extent and for the purposes specified in a separate consent form.
  3. Registration of the User being an entrepreneur and taking all other actions on behalf of such User may be made by a person who is authorized to register on his behalf and to perform the User's rights and obligations. In case of any doubts, Idea Place may request appropriate documents confirming the above circumstances.
  4. A registered person / entity becomes a User and is given an identification number.
  5.  Registration does not oblige the User to purchase any services - it is one-time process valid for an unlimited period.


1.     To use the Workplace, the User must purchase the selected number of days (from one to twenty) at the Idea Place office. Payment for the purchased days is made by cash or by transfer to the account indicated on the invoice. After the purchase of a certain number of days, when the User registers in his account, on the website www.ideaplace.pl, the User's online account is topped up with the number of purchased days. The VAT invoice is a confirmation of purchase of the preselected type of subscription.
2.     The User gains access to the Workplace just after booking a vacant workstation for an indicated business day. The booking can be done via the website www.ideaplace.pl or by making a phone reservation. The purchased days are valid for 35 days from the moment they are topped up on the User's account and during this period they can be used after making a prior reservation. The price list of all services is available on the website www.ideaplace.pl. All prices on the website are net prices.
3.     Idea Place guarantees vacant Workplaces at the time the User is purchasing them. However, if the User does not immediately book a specific Workplace, Idea Place is exempt from the obligation to provide a specific Workplace selected by the User during a later booking.
4.     A reservation that has been made can be canceled free of charge, no later than 3 days before the booked date. Cancellations must be made electronically. Cancellation of the reservation will be confirmed by Idea Place in the return e-mail. Such return e-mail shall confirm the cancellation of the reservation and top-up the User's account again, if the cancellation was made no later than 2 days before the booked date
5.     All types of access to the Workplace or Meeting places are granted only to the indicated Users and, without the express permission of Idea Place, third parties should not use the Coworking Office.
6.     Each of the Users has the right to invite guests. Hosting guests can only take place in the so-called common area (reception hall and Meeting place). It is forbidden to invite guests into the Workplace
7.     Users who buy at least 15 days a month are allowed to use 4 hours at the Meeting Place, on condition that Meeting Place will be available at the requested dates
8.     Unused Days and free hours in the Meeting Places cannot be transferred to the next period when not used within 35 days after activation on the User's account.


1.   Meeting Place is available for both: Users with subscription access (Work days) as well as for unregistered persons / entities. Terms of renting Meeting places as well as prices are specified on the website www.ideaplace.pl. Preferential terms and discounts are guaranteed to Users.
2.   Users do not have to make advance payments when making a reservation, however, if the reservation is canceled or canceled later than 2 days before the booking date, Idea Place may charge the User with a contractual penalty of 50% of the booked service.
3.   The user to whom the Meeting Place has been made available should be directly present there during the time he is using it. It is unacceptable to pass Meeting places hours to other Users or third parties without the permission of Idea Place. If the User fail to meet the above condition, he will be charged for using the Meeting Place on general terms (i.e. without any preferential terms or discounts).
4.   The following method of billing for the usage of Meeting Place and subscription to Workplaces has been agreed: If the User comes to Idea Place in order to use the Meeting Place, but at the same time he has booked the Workplace, the booking of Workplace is considered as used.
5.   Meeting place reservation made by natural person/entity who are not Idea Place Users can be pre-made electronically, but then Idea Place will contact the person/entity to arrange details of meetings the person/entity plan to made in Meeting Place (for example the amount and form of advance payment).
6.   The payment for the first reservation of the Meeting place and (if needed) the coffee break service or renting the beamer should be made before using the Meeting place. The form of payment is cash or bank transfer based on  VAT invoice or pro-forma invoice. In case of any following booking of the Meeting place, the payment occurs after finishing the rent. The form of payment is cash or bank transfer based on VAT invoice or pro-forma invoice
7.   If the reservation is not canceled at least 2 days before the booking date and the reservation is not used in originally specified and agreed time, Idea Place will charge the person / entity that is not Idea Place User with a contractual penalty of 50% of the value of booked service.


1.   „Virtual office” service allows to use the address of Idea Place (pl. Solny 15,50-062 Wrocław) as a register head office of the entity or as a place to run business activities for natural person. The service covers, above all handling the correspondence. The formal basis of the service provision states in a separate contract („ office service contract"). Office service contract enables to use Idea Place address to register the head office of the entity or as a place to perform business activities of a natural person.
2.   Detailed scope of the service and the prices of packages can be found on the following website: www.ideaplace.pl
3.   The service does not provide the access to Workplace. To ensure such access, the rules specified in § 3 and 4 shall apply. As a part of “Virtual office” service (registering the head office) a person/entity can use the reception desk area.
4.   The owner of Plac Solny 15 property must accept the registration of proposed business activity at pl. Solny 15,50-062 Wrocław. The use of the "virtual office" service is possible only after such acceptance.
5.   In case of combining the service of "virtual office" and the access to Workplace, it is possible to receive a discount for the access to Workplace, on conditions specified by Idea Place.
6.   Using the Virtual office service entitles to use (in the period of using the service) the Idea Place address as the address of the head office. This includes using the address on business cards and company paper.


1.   Idea Place office is open on weekdays during the hours indicated by Idea Place
2.   During working hours, Idea Place provides reception desk service. The service includes:

  • Accepting reservations and providing information about time slots/days available for reservations
  • Welcoming the User's guests and directing them to Meeting places
  • Assistance in: writing official letters, photocopying documents, hotel reservations and planning business trips,
  • Handling the correspondence (including: traditional, fax and courier)
  • Sharing office devices and accessories
  • Assistance in using office equipment

3.   Reception desk will send an email to person/entity to inform about incoming fax or registered correspondence on the day of the receipt (if technically possible). In case of all other correspondence types' notification will be sent at least one a week.
4.   Picking up cash on delivery parcels is accepted only after paying an appropriate deposit at the reception desk.
5.   Unless agreed otherwise, picking up the correspondence by person/entity who use the service of Idea Place or who is an Idea Place User is possible only in person at Idea Place reception desk. Fax, traditional correspondence, courier delivery for people/entities using the service of Idea Place or being the Users are archived for one month from the delivery date. After this period, The User is obliged to pick up the correspondence. If he doesn't, Idea Place is entitled to send the correspondence to indicated address. The cost of the delivery is covered by person/entity accordingly to standard price list of post office/courier service.
6.   Users that buy at least 15-day subscription to use in Workplace can receive an access to individual locker for this period. The access to the locker is included in the price of a subscription.  Locker should be emptied and the key should be returned no later than at the last day of subscription, unless the user declares to buy another subscription.
7.   Users are allowed to use: printing, photocopying and scanning devices as well as other devices available in the office. The usage is included in subscription price with limitation of 10 monochromatic pages per day. For all pages above the limit and for color copies/prints the additional fee is charged (according to price list available at www.ideaplace.pl)


1.   Idea Place provides unlimited wireless internet access for each User in the indicated office space.
2.   Using network to download or/and upload and sharing content forbidden by law, or bandwidth overage caused by downloading large files for entertainment purposes (for example movies) is prohibited and might lead to immediate termination of the service provided.
3.   Idea Place is not responsible for any damage caused by invalid or broken internet connection


1.   The base of all payments done by Users and unregistered natural persons/entities is a pro-forma invoice or VAT invoice.
2.   To purchase access to Workplace and Meeting Place, unregistered natural persons/entities must pay in advance. Additional service provided to Users must be paid at the end of the month based on additional collective invoice.
3.   If the natural persons, entities are not registered, Idea Place reserves the right to charge advance payments or full amount for the reservation and additional service.
4.   The payments for services provided by Idea Place for both: unregistered persons/entities and Users have to be done by cash or card, payable at the date of invoicing.
5.   In the case of delayed payments for its services Idea Place has the right to demand statutory interest rates for such a delay.
6.   The User authorizes Idea Place to issue invoices without the recipient's signature.
7.   All the payments for Idea Place should be made to:

Centrum Inkubacji i Biznesu Sp. z o.o.
Pl. Solny 15
50-062 Wrocław
NIP: 8971839784
BZWBK PL75 1090 2398 0000 0001 3458 0203


1.   If Idea Place failed to provide a service or to ensure the availability of Meeting Place that has been booked or paid in advance by unregistered person/entity, subject to the provisions of subparagraph 2 and 3 below, 100% refund is paid back to the unregistered person/entity. The return covers all claims against Idea Place resulting from the concluded agreement regarding the reservation or refusal to perform the service.
2.   In the event of organizing trainings, conferences and other occasional events, Idea Place reserves the right to limit the access to the coworking office.
3.   Information on restrictions above mentioned in paragraph 2, will be provided on the website www.ideaplace.pl or sent by email no later than one week before the planned date of limited availability. Due to the described restrictions, persons, entities and Users of Idea Place services are not entitled to any deduction, discount or compensation.
4.   Idea Place ensures the availability of places in Workplace at the time of purchasing them, but is not responsible for lack of spaces, if the User do not book them directly after purchase.
5.   In case of extraordinary circumstances or events beyond Idea Place control, Idea Place is not responsible for the inability to provide any service
6.   Idea Place undertakes to use its best endeavors to secure coworking office, however is not responsible for possessions of: persons/entities using Idea Place services. Idea Place is also not responsible for possessions left in the office or office lockers by Users or third parties.


1.    Everyone staying in the coworking office is obliged to:

  • follow these terms and conditions
  • respect people and property
  • remain silent and in particular turn on the silent mode in mobile phones
  • timely pay all obligations to Idea Place
  • repair all damage caused by his/her fault and /or fault of the guests at own expense,
  • maintain confidentiality about the data of other Users and their activities, as well as not express personal opinions and comments that could in any way adversely affect their business.

2.   It is forbidden to:

  • withdraw keys, identifiers or other forms of access to the building and office to third parties,
  •  withdraw or share assigned access passwords
  •  bring and consume alcohol and other drugs, as well as smoking,
  •  bring and consume hot food
  •  use the devices that couse excessive noise,
  •  listen to the music or other sound materials without using headphones.



1.    Each change of the provisions of these Regulations requires prior information given on the website www.ideaplace.pl. All registered Users needs to be informed about the changes in advance.
2.   Terms and conditions can be found on www.ideaplace.pl website and at the reception desk in Idea Place office.
3.   Terms and conditions enter into force on 14.05.2018.

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